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Batman: Arkham Knight - The Perfect Crime, Batscanner, ACE Chemicals, Explosive Gel

How to complete The Perfect Crime, rescue the missing workers at the Ace Chemicals plant, and make destructive use of your Explosive Gel.

With the training missions complete, follow the waypoint marker back to the building at the base of the shipping yard antenna.

Use the antenna at the Falcone Shipping Yard (continued)

Look for the maintenance grate on the ground to the right of the main entrance and drop on in. Push forwards, crawling along the vent, to move beneath the guards, then launch a Multi-takedown attack to deal with them quickly and efficiently.

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When the coast is clear, untie the cop on the ground, then approach the generator against the far wall. Attach your Remote Access Device to bring the second tower online. Next, head back outside and, once Batman has tossed his Batscanner way up high, begin rotating the Radio and Microwave Receivers to locate Scarecrow's position.

As you rotate the Radio Receiver, you'll locate various radio transmissions emitting from the city below. Unsurprisingly, the Microwave Receiver is able to detect microwave radiation. Keep rotating both until you find a point on the map where both signals can be detected at the same location. It looks like Scarecrow is walled up at the Ace Chemicals factory, so that's your next destination.

Before continuing on with the main story, it's worth taking a few minutes to investigate the mutilated body mentioned back during your briefing at Gotham City PD. This opens up the city-wide Most Wanted: The Perfect Crime mission. To begin proceedings, activate The Perfect Crime quest from your mission select screen and follow the waypoint marker to the crime scene.

Once you reach your destination, inspect the body to being your investigation. Follow the prompts to activate the Deep Tissue Scanner, then begin shifting the aiming reticule to examine different parts of the corpse from a first-person perspective.

Investigate the body

You're looking for suspicious areas on the body, starting with the surface layer. Point your reticule at the corpse's right-hand ear (highlighted in yellow) and scan the evidence. That's everything on the outer layer, so switch the scan level to investigate the internal organs.

You'll quickly spot a ring embedded in the corpse's digestive tract. Scan it, then switch levels again to zoom in closer and investigate the skeleton. Scan the glowing yellow hip replacement to collect the final piece of evidence and gain the mission's first upgrade point.

As Alfred suggests, you should keep an ear out for incongruous opera music as you patrol the streets of Gotham. It's evidently the mystery villain's calling card, and locating more evidence of his wrong-doing will bring you one step closer to catching him.

Rendezvous with Gordon at the ACE Chemicals plant

With that bit of business taken care of, it's time to turn your attention back to Scarecrow. Locate the waypoint marker and make your way toward the ACE Chemicals plant. On your arrival, say hello to a new adversary and prepare to head inside.

Rescue the missing ACE Chemicals workers to get information

As the factory bridge is currently out of action, you'll need to find an alternative route inside. Grapple up onto the roof of the building and then, once the commotion has died down, start looking for the factory's security terminal.

Activate Detective Mode and survey the area below. Several tank drones roam the central courtyard, while five armed thugs protect the security terminal off to the left. You'll also spot several other groups of thugs but, for now, your focus should be on the patrol guarding the terminal.

Head left, drop off the building onto the roof below and slip through the vent cover nearby. This plunges you down to the lower level, directly beneath the five armed guards. Three of these continuously patrol the area, so your best bet is to move back and forth along the vent, popping out to take them down one-by-one while their backs are turned.

If you get spotted in the midst of a takedown, simply drop back into the vent, shuffle along a bit and pop out behind your pursuer. With all three patrolmen down, the two stationary targets facing the security terminal remain. Sneak up behind them and unleash a Multi-takedown to proceed.

Next, interact with the terminal to download the ACE Chemicals employee IDs. With those in your possession, you're able to scan for any civilians in the area - but you'll need to reach higher ground first. Oracle directs you to the rooftop directly above the neon ACE Chemicals sign, so make your way up while avoiding the thugs stationed on the platform below your destination.

Once you're up top, Batman sends his Batscanner whistling into the air. As it circles the factory, you're able to shift the scanner reticule's position and analyse any signals that you find (as denoted by the increasingly squiggly line in the centre of the reticule). Keep hunting and scanning until you successfully pinpoint all five factory employees.

Back on the ground, you're almost ready to put your new data to use, rescuing all five employees in turn. Before you do that, however, look west and begin gliding toward the building directly ahead, slowly drifting down toward the long corrugated rooftop below.

Touch down, then engage Detective Mode. Locate the smaller building jutting out from the main complex (it has four windows in its roof) and survey the scene inside. It's full of goons but, luckily, they're all unarmed, meaning that they won't be hard to bring down. Smash on through the glass and immediately deal with the unsuspecting thugs.

When the area is safe, look for the partially destroyed wall to the west and deploy your Explosive Gel as instructed. Detonate the explosive to clear a path into the building. Sadly, toxic gas is spewing from a nearby pipe, making further progress impossible. To proceed, you'll need to find a way to turn it off. Engage Detective Mode and locate the pipe directly below your current position. Batman notes that the Batmobile could be of help here.

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