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Batman: Arkham Knight - Training Missions, ejection, grappling, takedowns, throws

How to complete all five of the core training missions in Batman: Arkham Knight, from mastering Batmobile ejection to tackling takedowns.

Equipping your new-found suit unlocks five helpful training missions in your immediate vicinity - and completing each one earns you an upgrade point, so it's well worth giving them a whirl.

Summon, Eject & Glide

This first training mission introduces you to the Batmobile's wonderfully over-the-top new eject feature. To begin, glance at the road below and summon your ride. Once on-board, hit accelerate to take it for a spin, following the direction markers along the road. Try to build up as much speed as possible and, as you approach the first glowing ring ahead, follow the instruction to launch upward.

Once you're airborne, carefully adjust your position to glide through the five floating rings ahead. As you approach the final ring, summon the Batmobile again to complete the objective and earn a welcome upgrade point.

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Grapnel Boost Mk II

Your next training mission introduces you to the overhauled Grapnel Boost. Begin the task by grappling onto the tall chimney directly ahead. Once you're moving, follow the prompts to reach dizzying speeds and fling yourself way up into the air.

Quickly activate your glide ability and adjust your position in order to pass through the floating rings ahead. Dive when instructed and pull back to pass through your next target. At the end of the ring run, you're challenged to remain airborne for a full 60 seconds. Use gliding, diving and Grapnel Boosting to complete your objective and earn another upgrade point.

Fear Multi-takedown

To complete this training mission, you need to move in close to the three targets without being detected. Grapple over to the bridge ahead and pull yourself up. Drop down on the other side and quickly sneak over to the thugs' position. Approach the enemy in the centre, then follow the prompts to activate your Multi-takedown attack. Chain three strikes together to complete the first objective. Note that you'll need to shift the camera to locate your final target, so work quickly before the Multi-takedown timer depletes and you're detected.

For the second part of the mission, you're going to need to move a bit faster. Grapple over to the bridge, then quickly drop down behind the middle foe. As soon as you land, activate your Multi-takedown and then deal with the remaining two goons. These latter two are facing your incoming position, so you only have a tiny window of time to work before they're able to react.

To complete the third sequence, grapple over to the bridge once more, then take a left, working along the roof until you spot the grate in the floor. Stand above it, then trigger your Multi-takedown to smash down and finish the three targets off quickly.

In the final segment of the training mission, your three targets are patrolling the bridge ahead. Grapple over to right-hand side of the bridge and hang down off the side. From here, you're able to easily deal with the stationary, right-most goon. Activate your Multi-takedown ability to finish him off, then deal with the remaining thugs to the left. Note that it's vital you start with a target at either end of the bridge, otherwise you'll be too far away to deal with the final opponent. Completing this task ends the mission and grants you an upgrade point.

Throw Countdown

This mission is pretty straightforward, introducing you to the new Throw Counter move. Here, you need to push toward an opponent with a blue marker above his head and activate your counter at the last possible moment, causing Batman to dash in and toss his foe into the the air. Do this five times to complete the objective and earn yourself another upgrade point.

Predator Fundamentals

Your final training mission should be a piece of cake to seasoned Arkham pros. Here, three enemies are placed in random positions around the map and it's your job to take them all out, using any of the tricks available to you. Sneak, glide, grapple, punch and Multi-takedown your way to victory and earn another upgrade point. Don't forget to deploy Detective Mode to pinpoint the whereabouts of your opponents, and use a smoke grenade to escape detection if necessary.

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