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Batman: Arkham Knight - crane controls, loading docks, gas pipes, lift

How to lower the factory ramp with the crane controls, make it safely to the loading docks, and destroy the deadly gas pipes when you arrive.

You've still got several more workers to rescue before this part of your mission is complete, so drive up the slope to the north and, this time, do a sharp U-turn at the top so that you're facing south. Directly ahead, you'll spot a rusty platform hanging down at a convenient ramp-like angle. You can use this to access the path leading to the rear of the factory grounds - but you'll need to bring it closer first.

Exit your vehicle and engage Detective Mode. Look directly above the hanging ramp and you'll spot a large number of thugs loitering around the upper platform. Grapple onto the large metal crane overhead and zip all the way up the factory's large central building until you're positioned directly above the neon ACE Chemicals sign.

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Look down toward the gathered goons and initiate a gliding descent, performing a gliding kick as you near your targets. If you're quick, you should remain unseen, enabling you to perform a Multi-takedown on all enemies in the area. If you're not, watch out for the gun-toting thug in the area.

Once the first wave of enemies is dealt with, a second, more deadly, troop arrives. These ninja-like, sword-wielding opponents can inflict considerably more damage than regular enemies so you'll need to be more precise with your evades and counters.

Find the crane controls to lower the ramp

With all opponents out for the count, locate the crane controls at the western end of the platform and use them to lower the ramp into position. You need to bring the platform forward and down so that its closest end rests on the same platform as the Batmobile.

When you're done, exit the control system, return to your vehicle and get in. Finally, reverse so that you've plenty of distance to build up speed (try not to back off the platform and into the water here!) then hit accelerate, fire your afterburners and careen up the ramp and through the air.

Get to the loading docks via the tunnel

Once you touch down on the other side, locate the tunnel leading toward the loading docks and pass on through. As soon as you enter the next area, a large number of drone tanks move in on your position, including the more powerful variant that you fought earlier. Take them all out, being sure to avoid their lock-on attacks, then ready to move further into the complex.

Destroy the gas pipe at the loading docks

Locate the gas pipe beneath the loading docks sign on the western-most wall, activate Battle Mode then use your winch to rip it in two. That takes care of your toxic gas problem, meaning that it's now possible to proceed deeper into the factory. Exit the Batmobile and grapple up into the room above the neon sign.

Approach the hole that you made in the western wall earlier and pass into the next room. Take a right and walk along the corridor, paying your last respects to the sadly deceased factory worker nearby. Hop over the red pipe in your path then locate the structurally weakened floor ahead. Call up your quick-select menu, equip your Explosive Gel then use it to blast a hole in the ground.

Drop down to the next level and you'll immediately spot the three jets of deadly toxin blocking your path forward. Engage Detective Mode and begin scouring the room behind you. There's a fuse box against the wall to the east, and the western wall can be demolished using your Explosive Gel.

Use the fuse box to raise the shutter door

First, interact with the fuse box to raise the nearby shutter, granting you a view of the Batmobile in the yard outside. Next, deploy your Explosive Gel on the crumbling wall. This exposes the pipe carrying the deadly toxin that's blocking your path. You'll need to destroy it in order to continue, so activate your Batmobile Remote to gain control of the vehicle outside.

Immediately switch to Battle Mode and approach Batman's position to the west. You should be able to see the gas pipe through the shutter you raised moments ago. Fire your winch at it then give a sharp tug to pull it from the ceiling. Finally, switch back to Batman to continue your mission.

With the corridor to the south now free of deadly toxin, head along it and duck beneath the shutter at the end. The body of another factory worker lies slumped on the ground a short way ahead, meaning there's only one still to find. Continue west until you reach the elevator shaft then interact with the fuse box to your left.

Raise the elevator from the bottom of the shaft

Sadly, the elevator is stuck at the bottom of the shaft, so you'll need to find a way to raise it manually. Activate your Batmobile Remote again and drive south toward Batman's new position, coming to a halt by the barriers near the top of the elevator shaft.

Activate Battle Mode then point your aiming reticule at the crumbling wall just above the shaft to the west. Blast it with your Vulcan Gun then fire your winch at the newly-revealed mechanism. Start pulling backward and, once the elevator carriage reaches its maximum height, stop and resume control of Batman.

Next, climb up onto the carriage then immediately drop off the eastern edge so that you're back outside. Turn around, then duck under the gap, moving into the elevator carriage. Activate your Batmobile Remote again and, once you regain control of the vehicle, slowly move forward, lowering the elevator to the floor below. Finally, return control to Batman.

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