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Batman: Arkham Knight - Scarecrow's chemicals, patrols, control terminal, gas cannisters

How to clear out the ACE Chemical plant patrols, locate the chamber control terminal, and then flee from the factory in one piece.

Numerous thugs patrol the floor below and a silhouette shifts awkwardly against the windows of the tower in the centre of the room. Your immediate task is to clear the area and prevent Scarecrow's chemicals from leaving the factory. Once that's done, you'll need to find a way to stop the imminent explosion.

Clear the patrols from the factory floor

First, grapple over to the roof of the central tower, engage Detective Mode and scour the area to get a better lay of the land. Two sentry guns guard the gate behind you and eight hostiles patrol the remaining area, all of them armed.

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To begin, grapple over to the beam directly ahead then examine the wall to the right. You'll spot two air vents so grapple over to the right-most cover and slip inside. Once you reach the bottom of the shaft, head toward the left-hand corner of the ventilation system and wait below the nearby grating. Once the canister-carrying guard passes to collect another load from the machine, pop up and take him out silently from behind.

Next, activate Detective Mode and locate the next goon guarding the bottom of the staircase around the corner. There's another floor grating nearby so, once again, pop up and take him out while his back is turned. When you're done, grapple up to the tower in the centre of the room.

With the Batmobile behind you, look right and you'll spot a series of covered walkways patrolled by three guards. It's possible to break through the ceiling windows to reach your targets but the noise will alert everyone in the vicinity. Instead, look downward and locate the ladder leading up the to walkways. Drop down to ground level then clamber up the ladder, stopping just shy of the top.

Take out the guards before the bodies are discovered

Deploy Detective Mode so that you've a clear view of all three targets in the area and familiarise yourself with their patrol patterns. When you're ready, begin stalking each one in turn and take them down silently from behind - be sure to move quickly, however, so that none of the unconscious bodies are discovered before you're done. Once the walkways are clear, return to the tower in the centre of the room.

Look to the left this time and you'll spot two stationary thugs standing close together on a nearby walkway. Grapple over to the beam above their heads then grapple to the centre of the next beam. Shortly, a guard down on the ground will pass directly beneath your position as he shifts more canisters around. Take him down silently then return to the first beam above the two stationary guards. Deploy a double Fear Takedown to deal with these last two targets in the room.

Find the chamber control terminal

With the area clear, grapple up to the walkway leading into the central tower and pass through the door to confront Scarecrow. Unfortunately, things don't go quite as planned and you're left trapped inside the room. Activate Detective Mode and locate the chamber control terminal on the central panel. Interact with it to begin preparing the neutralising agent.

Once the canisters pop out of the floor nearby, approach one and interact with it to gently pull it free. From this point on, you need to proceed carefully: the neutralising agent is extremely volatile and you'll have to move slowly, ensuring that the gauge on each canister doesn't climb too high.

Locate the tubes against the wall on the opposite side of the room and carefully walk on over, placing the canister inside once you reach your destination. Repeat the process with the three remaining canisters to proceed.

After you take control of Commissioner Gordon, head down the steps and follow the red walkway along. Interact with the shutters covering the VIP elevator then open the door and head inside, pressing the call button when you reach it. At the end of your descent, leave the elevator and climb the stairs into the next room. Approach the fogged up cells one by one and talk to the prisoners inside. Continue investigating the cells until Batman arrives.

Escape the ACE Chemicals factory

As soon as Batman picks himself up and dusts himself down, begin looking for a way out of the chamber. As luck would have it, the main access gate to the room below is now open, meaning that the Batmobile can enter the area. Activate the Batmobile Remote and initialise Battle Mode. Clamp your winch onto the central tower's window and give it a sharp pull.

Once the window gives way, hop back into your vehicle and hit accelerate, tearing along the tunnel ahead. As you emerge back out into the night air, locate the factory entrance and slam on your afterburner to clear the ramp and escape the explosion.

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