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Batman: Arkham Knight - rescue Oracle, Gordon, Pursuit Mode, clock tower, drone tanks

How to get Gordon to the clock tower safe and sound, deal with the Arkham Knight's foot-soldiers, then investigate the clock tower itself.

It's time to return to Gotham City Police Department and rendezvous with Commissioner Gordon. Board the Batmobile and follow the waypoint marker through the streets until you reach your destination. Proceed with caution, however: the city is now teeming with Arkham Knight's drone tanks. Once back at GCPD, make your way down to the parking garage and come to a stop. Gordon is waiting by the nearby police car so head over for a chat.

Escort Gordon to Oracle's clock tower

With the news of Oracle's - or, rather, Barbara's - kidnap now out, Gordon hops into his police car and races toward the clock tower. You'll need to give chase and make sure he gets there alive - after all, Arkham Knight's thugs aren't exactly fond of the law.

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Leave the parking garage and, once you get back out in the open, stay close to Gordon's vehicle. Before long, three armoured cars thunder in and begin pursuing the Commissioner through the streets. Hit accelerate and try to keep up with Gordon - if you lose visual contact, you've only got a few moments to find him again before you fail the mission.

When you finally manage to catch up with Arkham Knight's goons, the Batmobile automatically switches to Pursuit Mode. Move in close so that your weapons can lock on to your targets, then launch your homing missiles. Once all three enemy vehicles are defeated, follow Gordon through the streets then pull up inside the glowing square marked on the road.

Take out the Arkham Knight's militia forces

Your journey to the clock tower is briefly interrupted by a call from Alfred. To summarise: your map screen now displays the Threat Level (including a detailed breakdown of hostiles types and numbers) of the three islands that form Gotham City. That's Bleake Island (your current location), Miagani Island and Founders' Island - with the latter being the most heavily-guarded.

Once you regain control of the Batmobile, follow the waypoint marker to your next destination. As you reach the clock tower, a large number of drone tanks swarm in to attack. Engage Battle Mode and use your cannon and Vulcan Gun to pick the drones off one by one (doing your best to avoid their targeting systems). Don't forget that you can attack multiple targets simultaneously with a Missile Barrage - provided that your energy charge is sufficiently full.

When the area is clear, hop out of the Batmobile and grapple onto the roof of the nearby clock tower. Attempt to use the secret rooftop entrance to Oracle's lair and you'll be instructed to deal with the thugs roaming the buildings below first.

Glance over the side of the clock tower and locate the chequer-topped building to the north-west, far below. Next, glide down and land on the corrugated iron roof above the chequered floor. Activate Detective Mode and assess the situation on the lower levels.

You'll need to take down all six armed hostiles in the area to proceed. Begin by locating the two stationary thugs to the south-east then identify the lone guard patrolling close by - you should deal with him first. Grapple over to the partially-constructed building to the south-west (adorned with flapping yellow ribbons) and land on the yellow tarpaulin. Carefully proceed toward the gap in the south-west-facing wall and activate Detective Mode again.

Your target moves away from the stationary thugs then climbs a nearby ladder, eventually stopping along the walkway directly beneath your feet. After that, he returns to the lower level and starts over. Wait until he reaches the walkway then, once he turns around, quickly drop down and take him out silently from behind.

Next, you should target the only other thug patrolling the immediate area. His route leads him away from the two stationary guards, down the nearby steps and along an alley at the side of the building. Climb onto the railing and drop down behind the two stationary hostiles.

Look south-east and you'll see a small alleyway running alongside the clock tower. Remain crouched with Detective Mode active and, when the patrolling thug nears, drop down and take him out silently. Next, locate the grating in the floor nearby and hop inside. There are two more thugs near the wall ahead so scurry along the vent until you reach them.

One guard stands near the railing and another patrols along to his right. Silently eliminate the patrolling thug first when he's as far from his friend as possible. Immediately hop back into the vent, return to the first guard and deal with him too. That just leaves the two remaining thugs on the upper level to bring down. Finish them off however you please to secure the area.

Investigate the clock tower for clues to help locate Oracle

With the surrounding area now clear of hostiles, grapple back up to the top of the clock tower and slip inside. Something doesn't seem right about the room you find yourself in now, but watch the scene unfold anyway. When the intruder leaves, start exploring the room. Investigate the clock tower window when you're ready to proceed.

Once you're back in familiar surroundings, look around again and you'll see an overturned wheelchair in the centre of the room. Set it upright and, when Commissioner Gordon's visit is over, turn your attention back to the room. Interact with the computer terminal to hack into the city's CCTV system and try to find out more about Barbara's kidnapping.

Next, you're presented with four television panels, each showing CCTV footage from a different angle. The goal here is to wind through the footage and, once you spot something interesting, zoom in on the relevant screen. From this close-up view, you can select any one of the grid panels to scan for further evidence.

In four-screen mode, wind the footage forward to about 00:34. Glance at the top-right screen and you'll see what appears to be Barbara's body being carried out of the building. Zoom in on the screen then select the appropriate panel to scan the man holding her.

Next, still in the same view, wind forward to around 00:41 and scan the vehicle that the Arkham Knight places Barbara in. When you've collected the details you need, initiate the shutdown procedure then grapple up and out into the night air.

Track the Arkham Knight's vehicle

Back outside, drop down to ground level, summon the Batmobile and park up on the glowing spot by the waypoint marker. Activate Battle Mode and follow the prompts to initialise your Forensics Scanner. Immediately, it reveals a set of tire tracks leading away from your position - so begin tracking them through the streets.

After you've travelled a short distance, one of Arkham Knight's drones swoops in, deploying a mysterious device that buries itself into the earth.

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