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Batman: Arkham Knight - tank drones, factory, sentry gun, fuse box, Mixing Chamber

Our guide to stopping Scarecrow's plans for the ACE Chemicals factory, from destroying the tank drones to shutting down the sentry guns.

It's time to return the factory and put a stop to Scarecrow's plans once and for all. Rev your engine and thrust your way back over the bridge. On the other side, Oracle fills you in on Scarecrow's whereabouts. Unfortunately, the only access route to his position lies beyond the massive sealed security door to the south.

Stop Scarecrow from blowing up ACE Chemicals

Locate the large ACE Chemicals logo painted on the brickwork to the west then enter Battle Mode. Fire a cannon round at the wall and keep blasting until the entire top half comes crumbling down. Next, hop out of your vehicle and grapple up onto the overhead ramp you shifted into position earlier. Finally, run off the edge and use your glide to drift through the newly-opened hole and gain access to the service tunnel on the other side.

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Destroy the tank drones

Run along the tunnel to the right and follow the ramp down. Two tank drones block your route forward so you're going to need your trusty Batmobile again to proceed. Return to the hole you made in the wall and grapple up to the crane control platform above.

Activate the controls and begin shifting the ramp toward the centre of the yard. You're aiming to position it inside the Keep Clear space painted below - rotate the platform so that the ramp's tall end is facing the hole then drop it down to the ground.

Climb back into your vehicle then accelerate and boost up the ramp to launch into the service tunnel beyond the broken wall. Now that you're suitably equipped to deal with the drones, proceed along the tunnel and open fire as you near their position at the foot of the incline. Once the tanks are defeated, continue around the corner and pull up when you reach the dead end.

There's an platform directly overhead so grapple on up then grapple again to reach the next railing. Two soldiers stand watch below and both are guarded by an active sentry gun. The sentry continuously sweeps the area in a clockwise direction, as denoted by its red conical sensor. In order to proceed, you need to take out Scarecrow's thugs without being spotted by the gun.

Locate the air vent halfway up the left-hand wall of the room and grapple over to swing inside. At the bottom, scurry beneath the floor and position yourself under the guards so that you're facing the sentry gun. As soon as the beam sweeps passed the goons, launch a Fear Multi-takedown to finish them off swiftly. Immediately duck back under the floor once you're done.

Disable the gun

Your next task is to disable sentry, so wait until the beam sweeps by again then run over and follow the prompts to destroy it. With safety restored, use the fuse box on the left-hand wall to open the gates on either side of the room then return to your vehicle and drive deeper into the facility.

When you reach the next closed gate, hop out and grapple up to the ledge above. Twenty hostiles stand in the next room and you'll need to deal with them all in order to proceed. Thankfully, none of them are currently armed, so glide kick down and begin punching your way through the crowd.

How to clear the spikes by the Mixing Chamber

Next, activate Detective Mode and locate the fuse box on the wall close to the sealed gate. Interact with it then hop back into your car. Now comes the fun bit: drive around the corner and come to a halt just before the ledge overhanging the Mixing Chamber doors. To circumvent the spikes and reach the ledge, reverse against the wall behind you then quickly accelerate. As you near your target, slam the Batmobile's eject function to launch upward and glide onto the platform.

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