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Back 4 Blood's second major expansion out later this month

Bloody well time!

Turtle Rock Studios has revealed new details for Back 4 Blood's second major DLC expansion.

The expansion, called Children of the Worm, will feature a brand-new story campaign with a new enemy type.

There's also new playable Cleaner known as "Prophet Dan," a gun toting, self-proclaimed preacher of the end times.

Cover image for YouTube videoLet's Play Back 4 Blood Gameplay: Evansburgh Act 1 - IT'S NOT LEFT 4 DEAD 3, HONEST!

Children of the Worm will also include eight exclusive character skins and 12 exclusive weapon skins, along with new weapons, accessories, and cards.

The expansion pack is set to be released on 30th August and is included as part of the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass, Back 4 Blood: Deluxe Edition, Back 4 Blood: Ultimate Edition, or via standalone purchase for £11.99.

The base game and its expansions are available on PlayStation, Xbox and PC. It's also available on Game Pass.