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Baby Chris, Lady X and Dante lead the early days of Resident Evil Village modding

The horror.

It's early days in the burgeoning demand for Resident Evil Village mods, but already the community has come up with some... interesting tweaks.


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Mini Me Chris is one of the more eye-catching mods, simply because of how nightmarish it is. Modder JTeghius Kittius said: "This was a dumb joke that popped into my head so I had to do this."

Check it out in the video below. But be warned: there are facial animations.

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Moving on! We've got the disturbing Lady X mod, which adds a Mr X skin to Lady Dimitrescu. What have you done, ZombieAli?

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Would you like Dante from Devil May Cry in Resident Evil Village? Of course you would. Wiwilz's mod, Dante over Chris, does exactly what it says on the tin.

I also quite like this joke mod, also from JTeghius Kittius. It replaces some of the picture frame filters in Village's photo mode with the Frank West selfie faces from Dead Rising 4. Well played!

Last week, we reported on how Ada Wong was set to appear at a certain point in Village to save main character Ethan, after handily having been in the area to investigate its mysterious goings on. Capcom ended up cutting the character from the game, but modder EvilLord created Lady Wong, which replaces Lady Dimitrescu's face with Ada Wong's, and gives her a new dress colour. It's not perfect, but it's a start.

It's not all fanfic / joke mods. There are some actually useful mods, too. Modder Mace ya face added a field of view slider to Village (the game has a locked FoV). And boycalledjames created a mod that swaps out the Xbox One controller prompts and replaces them with PlayStation 4 button prompts.

Resident Evil Village has only been out for five days, so I expect even more ingenious and helpful mods to emerge throughout the year. Perhaps someone will make it third-person?

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