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Awesome Games Done Quick reveals full hour-by-hour charity speedrun schedule

Running from 9th-16th January next year.

Speedrun fans, grab your diaries; following last week's line-up reveal, Games Done Quick organisers have shared dates and timings for all 170+ charity speedruns taking place as part of next January's Awesome Games Done Quick event.

Awesome Games Done Quick - which will once again return as an online-only event in response to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic - runs from 9th-16th January next year and will be raising money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation throughout its duration.

Last week's announcement revealed every game appearing in Awesome Games Done Quick's sizeable 2022 line-up - covering the usual mix of triple-A titles, smaller-scale indie offerings, retro classics, and other assorted oddities - but that list has now been properly organised into a complete event schedule, meaning interested parties can now check times and set reminders for any speedruns they don't want to miss.

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Proceedings get underway on Twitch, with a bit of a pre-amble, at 4:30pm on Sunday, 9th January, and that's quickly followed by the event's first speedrun, an Any% Featherless run of Nioh 2. From there, it's a jam-packed line-up, catering to a wide range of tastes; recent blockbuster outings such as Deathloop and Resident Evil Village, for instance, rub shoulders with endearing favourites such as Stardew Valley, Subnautica, and Dark Souls.

There's a host of retro action too, of course, and the return of the much-loved Awful Block, showcasing curiosities from the great dustbin of gaming past, including the likes of Zelda's Adventure for Philips CD-i, The Simpsons: Bart's House of Weirdness, and more.

This year's Awesome Games Done Quick raised $2.75m USD for the Prevent Cancer Foundation back in January, while Summer Games Done Quick, which took place this July, raised over $2.8m for Doctors Without Borders.

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