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Autonauts coming to Switch, PlayStation and Xbox this month

Android Lloyd Webber.

On 16th June, those who own either a Nintendo Switch, an Xbox or a PlayStation will be able to get their hands on the formally PC exclusive and BAFTA winning Autonauts.

For those who don't know already, Autonauts is a game where you build and then train robots to automate the world around you. Sounds easy enough, but there is a catch. In short, these robots are only ever going to be as smart as you tell them to be.

Bulid, create and automate with Autonauts.Watch on YouTube

It is up to you as the player to teach your bots what do. You will need to upgrade them and expand their brains as the game progresses, opening up their full operational potential. You can build dozens of different workerbots on your planet and make it a "fully functioning home" with their help. By fully functioning home, we are talking cooking, mining, construction, you name it.

Then, when you have got all that coding down pat, you can sit back and enjoy a well-earned rest as you marvel at your creations.

If this all sounds rather overwhelming, don't worry - you can take Autonauts as slowly as you please. Colonising a planet with your robots is meant to be a relaxing venture, so you can take your time and enjoy watching the new world unfurl before your very eyes when it launches on consoles later this month.

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