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Autonauts lays out roadmap for upcoming six months of free content

Pressing all the right buttons.

Autonauts, the game about colony management and robot automation, released a big old roadmap today, laying out all the free DLC on its way over the next six months.

The simulation game from Denki and Curve Digital is all about colonising procedurally-generated planets with the help of some programmable robots. Players need to collect resources, craft useful items and build their AI helpers in order to make their colonies thrive.

Today, the game received the very first of its free updates, introducing new bot variants, new cooking options and brand new apparel to decorate yourself, your bots and your colonists.

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There's a bunch more to come too, from mod support to new cuisine - the rest of the free content will come to the game monthly as follows:

  • December 2019 - Xmasnauts
    • New flora and fauna added to the game world
    • New buildings to construct offering new gameplay opportunities
    • New food options to keep settlers happy
  • January 2020 - Phase 2: The Age of Steam
    • Mod support allowing players to create their own models, game rules and download the work of other Autonauteers
    • New steam engine tech allowing players to transport resources across the gameworld faster and in higher quantities using trains
    • Health and Medicine provides new gameplay challenges associated with taking care of colonists' wellbeing
    • New shelter options to stimulate your colonists' evolution with bigger and better homes
  • February 2020 - Waternauts
    • New fish species to catch
    • Aquariums to keep the caught fish and show them off
  • March 2020 - Easternauts
    • New flora and fauna added to the game world
    • New buildings to construct
    • New recipes to expand your culinary arsenal
  • April 2020 - Phase 3: The Age of Enlightenment
    • Education and Art - Feed evolving colonist minds with books, music and more
    • Transcendence - Take colonists to a whole new level of existence, along with new gameplay challenges
    • New Silk textile chain is added for higher level clothing
    • Oil Refinery which allows for the creation of even more new machines for construction
    • Even more new buildings
    • Even more new flora and fauna
    • Even more new apparel to customise robot and player appearance

Along with today's new content came a host of bug fixes, and you can check out the patch notes on Steam to find out more.

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