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Atari unveils Test Drive Unlimited 2

No longer exclusive to Xbox 360.

Atari (Namco Bandai Partners in Europe) has unveiled Test Drive Unlimited 2.

Eden Studios is at the wheel again and steering the game onto PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. The first game was exclusive to Xbox 360.

There's no mention of a date.

The key feature this time will be a merged online and offline world, described in the press release as "always live". This persistent and brand new open-world island space will be inhabited by your Test Drive Unlimited 2 persona, which can not only race, but buy properties, clothing and all the other trimmings that go hand-in-hand with a supercar lifestyle.

Among the other features promised are vehicle damage, weather effects and day-night cycles.

But all this waffle is useless without pictures, so zoom over to our Test Drive Unlimited 2 gallery for the first batch.

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