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Assassin's Creed Unity: Secrets of the Revolution DLC released

Ar... no.

Yet more Assassin's Creed Unity missions, weapons and gear are now available via the game's new Secrets of the Revolution DLC.

The pack is Ubisoft's annual collection of pre-order DLC and special edition bits and pieces - so you may well own some of its contents already.

Included in the download are The Chemical Revolution, The American Prisoner and Killed by Science missions.

Nine weapons and five pieces of armour are also included.

If you bought Unity's now-cancelled Season Pass then the Secrets of the Revolution pack is completely free to access.

Otherwise, you'll need to stump up £5.49 on PC or £5.59 on Xbox One (the PS4 version will be available later today).

That price is the same as the equivalent pack for AC4: Black Flag, although if you're after more adventure for Arno then last week's Dead Kings DLC is far better value for your time - being far meatier in content and quality and happily also being free.

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