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Asmodee pulls Pandemic from Nintendo eShop, disables online multiplayer in Catan

Both playable offline for existing owners.

Publisher Asmodee Digital is pulling its Pandemic game from the Nintendo eShop, and is disabling online multiplayer in its Switch version of Catan.

For the former, an announcement on Twitter stated the game would be pulled from 31st July, although existing owners will not be impacted.

"The initial digital game was released 9 years ago, and we no longer feel the current quality and reliability are on par with what Pandemic deserves on digital platforms," reads the statement.

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"That is why we have progressively removed the current Pandemic games published by Asmodee Digital from all digital stores."

As for Catan, the online multiplayer switch off is due to GameSparks' servers being shut down. That's an external service owned by Amazon that's "essential for the online multiplayer".

Players will still be able to play the game solo and the price will be dropped accordingly to $/€14.99.

Asmodee specialise in porting popular board games into digital form, like Pandemic and Catan.

Here's hoping new versions will be released in the future.