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As Dusk Falls is first game from former Quantic Dream lead developer

Night night.

As Dusk Falls is the debut game from ex-Quantic Dream lead game designer Caroline Marchal, and her new London-based studio Interior/Night.

It's been in the works for some time - we first head about the studio back in January 2018, when Marchal suggested it would be similar in design to other Quantic Dream projects such as Heavy Rain.

At that point, the game looked like it was being published by Sony, though Xbox Game Studios is now listed as on publishing duties - a turn up for the books as Quantic Dream was formerly aligned with PlayStation.

Interior/Night has other ex-Quantic Dream staff among its ranks, along with former Sony and Slightly Mad Studio hires.

As Dusk Falls' story involves two families who meet in dramatic circumstances over the course of two generations - today's trailer suggested characters meeting as children and then again as young adults.

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