Resident Evil 2 - Escaping the Store, finding the Police Station location and exploring the East Side

How to escape the Store, find the Police Station location and exploring the East Side as Leon or Claire in Resident Evil 2.

Escaping the Store, finding the Police Station location and exploring the East Side is the start of your adventure in Resident Evil 2, whether you're playing as Leon or Claire.

The beginning of the Resident Evil 2 remake works a little different to the original game - starting you at a gas station store instead of in the middle of a chaotic Raccoon City. It's a gentle introduction, but don't worry, things start heating up soon enough.

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Escaping the Store

Enter the store through the front door, and make your way to the back left corner, where an injured man will direct you through to the back.


Continue through until the cutscene, and your first zombie encounter. Shoot the zombie in the chest and head until downed, then grab the key from the back right corner wall.


Investigate this in your inventory to reveal its name as the Storage Room Key; remember to do this with any vague sounding keys in future!

Use it to open the door in the room (right of where you first entered) to return to the front of the store.


There are now zombies throughout - you cannot make a beeline to the front door, so go right and run your way around. You might have to shoot the zombie here, but otherwise you can sprint past the others to conserve ammo. Once you reach the front door, there's a cutscene.

How to get to the Police Station location

Immediately turn around away from the hordes and run away.


Follow the debris until you can go left, heading down an alleyway with a fire at the end. This gives away to some steps with graffiti covered walls, letting you know you're going in the right direction. When you're at the top of the steps, the police station is in sight.


Run ahead, squeeze past the school bus, then through the gate. Now enter the front door to reach the police station.

Police Station Main Hall and East Side

Ahead of you is the front desk, with a Typewriter - allowing you to save your game - some Handgun Ammo and a computer console telling you to head to the east wing of the police station. There's also an Item Box here - these allow you to store items and retrieve them from any other Item Box you find later.

Put the Storage Room Key you got from the store here as you won't be needed it anymore - as well as an easily missed First Aid Spray on a crate to the right.


The Main Hall is almost entirely locked up to begin with, so start by immediately turning right to find a shutter with 'Keep out' on the front, and a console on the wall with a red light to the left. Get close until the button prompt appears, then enter the shutter.


You'll be in the flooded and dark east wing of the police station. Follow it round, moving the fallen locker as you go with the button prompt, until you are all the way round to the end.


There are also two rooms on the left, before and after the locker, with ammo and a First Aid Spray.

You'll see a particularly gruesome scene and hear shouting for someone to free them. Turn left, open the door next to the counter, and investigate the Fire Safety Door in the corner for a cutscene. You'll get the Officer's Notebook at this point - useful to help solve the Medallion Puzzles.


Now you must retreat the way you came, back to the Main Hall. There will be zombies on the way - one in this room, and another two in the corridor just past where you moved the locker. Try and shoot them at least a few times before sprinting past if you're in a rush.


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After the cutscene in the Main Hall with Marvin, you'll receive a Combat Knife. This is not only for use in combat, but can open up new doors. Head to the west side of the Main Hall on the ground floor to find a shutter with a taped up console on the right. Investigate this, and it will be opened up with the knife. Proceed through.


You can also solve one of the medallion solutions in the Main Hall 2F if you like. Otherwise, time to head to the Police Station West Wing to get the Spade Key.

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