Pokémon Go Deoxys Speed forme and EX Raids explained - Deoxys formes, counters, weaknesses, stats and how to get an EX Raid Pass

How to catch and counter Deoxys, one of the game's strongest Pokémon.

Deoxys, the unusual, multi-forme Gen 3 Pokémon, is out now in Pokémon Go, and thanks to those unusual characteristics it looks to be bringing a bit of a minor shake up to the system of EX Raids and EX Raid Passes, too.

We'll explain everything you need to know about Deoxys below, including how to get an EX Raid Pass as well as Deoxys' formes, Deoxys counters, and weaknesses, stats and more.

EX Raids explained and how to get an EX Raid Pass

Deoxys, like Mewtwo originally, is only available via EX Raids (until it becomes available in regular tier 5 raids for a limited time between September 9 and September 16 thanks to Ultra Bonus rewards).

EX Raids are invite-only Raids, and to participate you must receive a EX Raid Pass detailing when and where the special Raid will take place.


The requirements for this has softened since way back at September 2017's beta phase, and now the community has dug into it further we know everything you can do to increase your chances of earning an invite. Your chances are higher if you:

  • Have a Gold Gym Badge where an EX Raid could take place
  • Have completed a "larger number" of Raid battles
  • Have raided at an EX Raid-eligible Gym with 20 or more other players in the last week - more on this below!
  • Have a Pokémon Go Friend with an EX Raid Invite - again, more below.

EX Raid battles are also only able to take place in EX Raid-eligible Gyms.

Those are found in two places: parks, and sponsored Gyms. Thankfully, as of Deoxys' introduction you can now check which Gyms are EX Raid eligible in-game, rather than having to do a spot of detective work yourself.

In brief, Niantic uses OpenStreetMap, known as OSM, to define what does and doesn't count as a park. If something's labelled as a Park or Recreation Ground in OSM, then a Gym on that location is EX Raid eligible. All you need to know however is that a Gym is marked as "EX RAID GYM" in the top right corner of the screen when you inspect it in-game. Here's an example:

Strategies for getting EX Raid Passes

Once you have a general idea of which Gyms count, your strategy should be levelling their Gym Badge up as high as you can, and then joining big groups of raiders at those locations.

Here's an example of an EX Raid invite we received a while back.

In fact on that point, redditor hurryupthecakes noted that there seems to be a specific number of people raiding a Gym that triggers EX Raid invites for those involved. At the time of writing, according to hurryupthecakes it seems that if 20-25 different accounts join a Raid at an EX-eligible gym within 7 days of each other, it's very likely you'll all get EX Raid invites for that gym.

The idea behind this is to reward players who regularly Raid, and who get involve with their local community.

If and when you receive an invite, it should be around a few days to a week in advance, and at a time that takes into account when the gym is most used. There is a chance EX Raids will be cancelled, and if so, you'll be notified and given Stardust and Premium Raid Passes as compensation.

Having a countdown to the EX Raid starting in theory gives players plenty of time to find the Raid location and co-ordinate with others. This would be useful since Mewtwo, and now Deoxys, are some of the most powerful Pokémon released so far. It might be less true for Deoxys than it has been for Mewtwo (more on that below), but you're probably going to need a bigger group than standard Tier 4 Raids to take them down.

Finally, it's worth noting that with the addition of Deoxys comes the ability to bring a Friend along to the EX Raid with you! We'll update this page when we know exactly how the system works, but in brief, you'll need to be either Ultra Friends or Best Friends with the other player in-game in order to bring them along.

After a summer teasing its arrival, the Jirachi quest is here! Coming soon is a variety of Ultra Bonus rewards too, including Unown and regional exclusives in Eggs, Deoxys and Mewtwo in raids, and the arrival of the first Gen 5 Pokémon! Until then, be sure to keep on top of Team Rocket Invasions and freeingShadow Pokémon, as well as catching monthly Field Research.

Deoxys formes - Speed forme, counters, weaknesses, and stats

Now Deoxys is out in the wild, here are the essential things you need to know.


Things to know about Deoxys

One thing to note about Deoxys is that it is in fact a Mythical Pokémon, not a legendary. That means that the same rules apply for as they do for other Mythical Pokémon (like Mew and Celebi), so it can't be traded.

Otherwise, the most important thing to know about Deoxys is that it has four formes: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Normal. As of June 23rd 2019, Speed Forme is now live, replacing the Attack and Normal Forme Deoxys that were out first. It looks like those formes will continue to simply rotate through raids, with one being live at a time, at a rate of one every six months or so.

These four formes, unlike the different formes of Pokémon like Castform or Unown, actually have a significant impact on Deoxys' stats. Attack and - thanks to how Pokémon Go converts stats from the main games - Speed formes both give Deoxys huge Attack stat numbers, but very flimsy stats for Defense and Stamina, even after the stat rework that came around Deoxys' launch.

Defense Forme boosts its defense - but still leaves Stamina pretty low - and Normal gives it the most rounded set of stats, with its Attack still higher than any other Pokémon in the game, including Mewtwo, but still some very flimsy Defense and Stamina stats. Working from the known formula for converting Pokémon's stats from the mainline games to Go, here's how we'd expect each forme to shape up:

Deoxys Stats

FormeAttackDefenseStaminaMax CP
Deoxys 345 115 100 2749
Deoxys-Attack 414 46 100 2244
Deoxys-Defense 144 330 100 1978
Deoxys-Speed 230 218 100 2504

As there doesn't seem to have been any shake-up of the stats formula from Niantic with Deoxys' launch, the main take away from the above is that, regardless of forme, Deoxys is extremely flimsy. In the mainline games it can get away with that, thanks to the importance of speed and the ability to one-hit opposing Pokémon with its huge Attack and Special Attack.

In Pokémon Go of course, Speed is irrelevant, with Pokémon instead duking it out for much more extended battles in most circumstances like Raids or well-defended Gym battles.

That means Deoxys struggles in close battles - in fact it's so squishy that there's a suggestion it might struggle to charge up a full bar to use a charged attack before getting knocked out against tougher enemies. However, what that doesn't account for is the numerous occasions where you'll find yourself wanting to burst down a Gym with weakened - or simply weak - Pokémon defending it.

In that case, Deoxys is an excellent choice. It's huge Attack stat, especially in Normal, Attack, and Speed formes, allows it to burst down weaker Pokémon faster than any other in the game. Pit it against anything that might last more than a few hits, however, and you're probably going to struggle.

Deoxys counters and weaknesses

Deoxys is a pure Psychic-type Pokémon, meaning it has three weaknesses: Dark-, Ghost-, and Bug-type attacks, and no double weaknesses.

With that in mind, here are some strong candidates for Deoxys counters when you're taking it on in a Raid, or trying to set up a Gym to defend against it.

PokémonTypeFast MoveCharged Move
Tyranitar Dark / Rock Bite (Dark) Crunch (Dark)
Gengar Ghost / Poison Shadow Clar (Ghost) Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Mewtwo Psychic Psycho Cut (Psychic) Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Absol Dark Snarl (Dark) Dark Pulse (Dark)
Houndoom Dark / Fire Snarl (Dark) Foul Play (Dark)

Really, any high-CP Pokémon that can deal out persistent Dark, Bug, or Ghost-type damage over time is going to give Deoxys trouble, especially as its stats have remained untouched when Niantic brings it into the game.

With that, and the added element of its multiple formes, and the fact that Deoxys is actually a Mythical Pokémon like Mew or Celebi, rather than a legendary like Mewtwo or the Regis, legendary birds and legendary dogs, it should make quite a change from hunting down Mewtwo in EX Raids!

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