FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Two - Pressure’s Favour objectives decisions and rewards

Everything you need to know to get the most out of FIFA 19's story mode finale.

Welcome to The Journey: Champions Chapter Two - Pressure's Favour. It's time to follow Alex's ascendancy into Europe's elite, help Danny overcome new challenges and guide Kim as her career kicks up a gear.

Here we'll cover the story as it progresses through Chapter Two, list all objectives, any rewards you can achieve and our tips on how to get the best result.

For more details, meanwhile, head back to our FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions walkthrough hub for all the rest.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Two - Pressure's Favour objectives, decisions and rewards

You'll now be able to choose which of the three Heroes' stories you start first. You can play them in any order you see fit, but there is an 'optimal' path (which shows off the story in the best possible order). Look out for a pick marker above one of the Heroes' heads when it's time to switch between them. We'll start with Alex's new chapter at Real Madrid.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Two - Pressure's Favour objectives

Alex Hunter objectives:

  • Choose a design for th Hunter brand - Crowd Favourite trait
  • Successfully complete a Mentor Challenge - 5,000 Followers
  • Finish top of the group during the UEFA Champions League Group Stage - 10,000 Followers

Danny Williams objectives:

  • Show up to every practice (do not simulate training) - Crowd Favourite trait
  • Score a goal in both UEFA Champions League Group Stage matches against PSG - 5,000 Followers
  • Earn at least 6pts from the first 3 Premier League matches

Kim Hunter objectives:

  • Score a goal in the FIFA Women's World Cup debut - 5,000 Followers
  • Win the North American Continental Qualifier Against Canada - Crowd Favourite trait
  • Qualify for the FIFA Women's World Cup Knockout Stages - 10,000 Followers

You'll now be able to choose which of the three Heroes' stories you start first. You can play them in any order you see fit, but there is an 'optimal' path (which shows off the story in the best possible order). Look out for a pick marker above one of the Heroes' heads when it's time to switch between them. We'll start with Alex's new chapter at Real Madrid.

Things resume for Alex at a press conference with his new Manager. After signing his new contract, Alex will field a question on whether he's hungry to help the club win the Champions League. Depending on which option you choose you'll gain new followers or gain confidence from your Manager.

Following a brief pep talk from Bea, you'll now play an XI v XI training match. You'll play each half on either side of the team, so you'll need to bump up your rating from scratch during each half. Real will punish you if you spend too long out of position so avoid rushing into defence when things get hairy in the box. Get plenty of assists to end on a high.


Now you'll need to choose which Mentor Group to follow. Coaches Jo and Anton offer different areas to help you improve skills such as Sprint Speed, Marking, Crossing and overall Vision. Choose whichever one covers the most areas you want to improve. These Mentors will have Challenges you'll need to complete in order to maximise your relationship with them.

After a brief look at your name on a Real kit in the dressing room, you'll be called to play a passing drill. You'll need to tackle the ball while in the middle, then pass it around the player in the middle without losing possession. Keep in mind you will control any player you pass the ball to, so don't expect the AI to keep the ball moving once it's left Alex. Keeping passing to score a high grade.

Next, you'll play your first proper match in La Liga against R.Sociedad. You can now select Play as Mentors, which enables you to play as both Alex and a set of players designated as your Mentors. The rest of the team will be controlled by the AI.


In this match, you'll need to have a rating of 7.0 or higher by the end of the match. You'll need to extend the lead by scoring at least one goal. And see the lead through to a victory. You'll only have 15 minutes or so of game time so make every second count.

Post-match, you'll face another dialogue choice in an interview. Help shape your personality before getting the lowdown on the stats, bonuses, starting position and wages.

Now it's time to switch over to Danny's story. Once on the training field, you'll have a quick personality-shaping interview with the press (with a focus on whether Danny can come back from last season's performance). Next, it's time for drills. Don't simulate any of them if you want to achieve one of Danny's optional objectives.

First it's first-touch volleys. For this drill, run to the spot, press shoot as the ball comes in, line up your direction then press shoot again just as Danny strikes the ball. You'll have a little more oomph and a touch more precision. Aim for the targets if possible, then make a big score to secure a high grade.

Next, it's long-shot passing. This is tougher, so you might want to spend some time practising before you start this drill. You can only restart it three times, so take your time, hit that second press of shoot for a more precise shot or hold "R1" / "RB" for a Finesse Shot.


Next up, Danny will be away to Spurs, so you'll need to be on your A-game. You'll need to get a grade of 7.0 or above, win possession three times and at least walk away with a draw. Keep pushing for those goals and assists and make sure you don't lose track of your position.

Next, it's back to training where you'll have another chance to shape Danny's personality in a dialogue choice. After that, it's two training drills - 1-2 Passing and Pass Between the Dummies. Make sure you complete them in order to add to one of Danny's objectives.

Now it's time to play your next game. You're hosting Man City, so be prepared for a slug fest. You're also the Target Man, so make sure you're playing the right position all match or you'll lose a lot of rating carelessly. Win the match to secure Danny's third objective.

Next, we're off to see Kim. She's now got a qualifier in the Women's North American Continental tournament against Canada. No match objectives for this one, just win. Use your partnership with Alex Morgan to secure a big push in your rating.

Now we're off to training. Before we get there, there's a quick interview. Two questions here, with the second one offering an uncomfortably sexist angle. Once you're past that section, it's onto the two drills for this session - 1-on-1 Against the Keeper and First Touch Volley. Ace both to bump your OVR.


Kim will now fly to Spain to see her half-brother, only to discover Alex's new found fame and entourage are changing his worldview. After a fiery encounter with his mother, Kim and Catherine head to the car for a breather. Now it's onto another training session at Real Madrid's own facility. Two drills to complete - Pinpoint Crossing and Precision Penalty.

Next, it's time to play your next match. This time you're playing Italy. Again, no in-game objectives, but be sure to play smart and hard to push your OVR up as high as you can in the 90 minutes you have.

Now things flip back to Alex. First up, a training session. You'll need to perform well in 1-On-1 Against The Keeper and First Touch Volley to keep your place in the Starting XI. After that, it's onto your next match in La Liga against Real Valladolid. Again, select Play as Mentors (to grind towards unlocking your Mentor challenge).

Post-match, we learn Danny will be going up against his brother (who plays for PSG) thanks to the Champions League draw. Then Alex will try to convince Bea to let his mum design his logo.


In training, complete Obstacle Shooting and Long Shot Practice to keep your place in the Starting XI. Then you'll be up against Cetafe CF in La Liga. As always, opt for Play as Mentors and push for that big win to push up your OVR.

On the training field, complete the Rookie Shooting Challenge and Novice Shooting Challenge to keep your place in the squad. You should now have unlocked the Mentor Challenge - Beat your Mentor in a Mininet Race. Doing so will unlock the Spring Speed trait. You'll have three chances to redo the drill, so make them count.

Now it's time to play Spurs in the opening match of Real Madrid's Champions League campaign. Ensure the win and put your club ahead from the off. You'll also have a dialogue choice interview post-match as well. Next, Alex is off to the training field for Pinpoint Crossing and Precision Penalty drills.


Now you'll play your next group game in the CL against Olympique de Marseille. Keep an eye on your rating and push hard for those assists and goals. After your win, there's a cutscene showing Alex's mum doing a presentation to Bea and co, followed by a dialogue choice that'll show your support or distaste for it.

Next, we're off to see Danny again. We'll now see the CL draw broadcast from Danny's perspective. Michael comes in, shows Danny a 'great' deal on a house, while Ringo talks the upcoming match with Terry. After that, it's onto training. Don't simulate any of it, including Keep Up The Pace and Precision Dribbling.

Now for a Prem match against Newcastle. Push hard for the win, fight hard for a strong rating then show your chosen personality traits in the post-match interview. Now head off to training for Positioning Practice and Scoring Runs. Again, do not simulate anything. Then you'll have a short scene where Terry mocks Danny in an interview. After that, you and Butler will do some shor training via a quick drill.


Next, we've got a CL match against Shakhtar. It's a group game, so make it count. Then do the post-match interview, then onto training for Deliver into the Box and PK against the Keeper. Do. Not. Simulate. Then we're onto a CL match with PSG. Make sure you score at least once to show up your brother (and contribute towards one of Danny's optional objective). Post-match, answer the interview dialogue question.

After that, it's time to rejoin Kim and her quest for glory with the US Women's World Cup Squad. Here, you'll do Through the Gap and Unmarked Crossing drills. After that you'll switch to a plane trip over the Atlantic where Kim will need to react one way or another to a little ribbing from her teammates.

Next, Harold (Kim's dad) turns up when she lands in Paris. He asks her how she feels about the tournament to come (along with a dialogue choice), as well as talk of going pro over opting for a college place. After that awkward exchange, it's back to training for Passing Sequence and Pass to the Target drills.


Now it's time for your debut in the World Cup (against England). Be sure to score here to grab one of Kim's objectives. You'll also come in in the 59th minute so work fast to get that rating up. Post match you'll have to dialogue questions to answer.

Now it's time for some Obstacle Course and 1-on1 Shifting Gates drills on the training ground. Unfortunately, however well you do, the story will demote you to the bench as part of the story. A techy cutscene ensues. The next match will be simulated, and you'll lose to the Netherlands as a result.

Coach will then give you a pep talk, tell you the manager is starting you against Sweden in the final group game. Before then, however, it's time to flip back to Alex's story. He's got training, including the Obstacle Course and 1-on-1 Shifting Gates drills. That old doozy again…


Now it's time for the next CL Group Stage game, this time against Sporting Portugal. You should be starting at this stage, so push hard for the win so Real can keep its lead at the top of the group. After that, it's time to train with Passing Sequence and Pass to the Target.

Next, you'll need to pick either the logo your mum made or the one Bea approves of. This is a Key Decision so choose wisely… Now it's time to play Spurs in the CL Group Stages. Get a win to ensure you're on the way to finishing top.


Now we switch back to Danny. First its drills on the training ground, with Scoring Runs and Rookie Defending Scenarios. After, you'll have a cutscene where your choice of advertising promo for the Fish and Chips sponsor comes back to haunt Danny (and you).

Now you'll take on Ajax in the CL, then have another post-match interview. After this, a cutscene will play showing Terry goading Danny via text. Next, you'll head to the training ground for Rookie Attacking Scenarios and Novice Attacking Scenarios.


Danny will see his FIFA rating, get fobbed off by Alex's entourage on the phone then head off to face Ajax again. Win the match to ensure your team finishes in a good group position. Then it's time to round off Kim's story in this chapter.

Now onto the training ground before the match with Sweden. It's time for a Free Movement Obstacle Course and Positioning Practice drills. Now it's time for the match with Sweden. Push hard for that win and ensure the USA qualifies for the Knockout Stages.


Now we're back with Alex. First, we head to the training field for Put in the Bucket and Over the Fence drills. Alex will then turn down an extra training session before he prepares to face OM once more in the CL. In the match, push hard for those goals and assists and end on a high.

Now head to training and complete Tackle Practice and Rookie Defending Scenarios drills. Then it's onto the final game of the Group Stages against Sporting Portugal. Score the win to round off Alex's chapter with a bang.

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Next up, the final section of Danny's story in Chapter Two. First, we're heading to the training ground for Pass Interception and Novice Defending Scenarios. Afterwards, your brother Terry will turn up and try and get under your skin via a quick dialogue choice exchange.


In the game to come - the final one with PSG - make sure to score to complete one of your objectives with Danny. You'll have also have a quick half-time chat with Neymar. After you win, it's off to the training ground (again) for Unmarked Crossing and Crossing Scenarios.

Yes, it's time for another game. This time you're up against Shakhtar. Win, and make your mark on the CL. That's Chapter Two - Pressure's Favour all wrapped up. Next up, FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Three - Collision Course.

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