FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter One - Rising Stars objectives decisions and rewards

Everything you need to know to get the most out of FIFA 19's story mode finale.

Welcome to The Journey: Champions Chapter One - Rising Stars. It's time to catch up with Alex's road to superstardom in Europe, Danny's fight for success in the Premier League and Kim's own pro career.

Here we'll cover the story as it progresses through Chapter One, list all objectives, any rewards you can achieve and our tips on how to get the best result.

For more details, meanwhile, head back to our FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions walkthrough hub for all the rest.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Prologue

You'll start out playing as Arsenal in an early 1970s matchup against Coventry City (just in the colours, no authentic kits, sadly). Oh, and you happen to be playing as Jim Hunter back in his glory days for the Gunners.


Once you gain control it should be pretty easy for you to score off the corner. From there, simply focus on using good spacing and bursts of speed to break beyond the relatively slow Cov City defence. However, even if you lose it won't matter as all you have to do is make that first goal so achieve Hunter's 100th career goal.

Next, we switch to Christmas 2018, where Alex, Kim, Danny and Jim watching that very same match. After reminiscing about the good old days, everyone leaves the apartment. Then, time starts flying backwards. We're now following Kim as the dial back from December back into the summer.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter One - Rising Stars objectives decisions and rewards

It's time to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with The Journey's use of dialogue choices and Key Decisions, as well as noting the objectives you need to meet and the rewards you'll net. Here's what to expect.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter One - Rising Stars objectives

  • Win the Pre-Season Tour Final with Alex or Danny - 10,000 Followers
  • Achieve an average match rating of 7.5+ with Danny on the Pre-Season Tour - Skill Moves trait
  • Achieve a grade of B or Better in each of Kim's basic training drills - 5,000 Followers

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter One - Rising Stars decisions

Now we're back in training camp with Kim. She's nervous, and after a brief exchange of dialogue to introduce to the choices that shape her (and Alex and Danny's) character, we start with some good old-fashioned passing, shooting and slide tackle drills. Aim for a B overall.


You'll also have a callback to one of Kim's results from FIFA 18.

Now things move over to Danny, where you'll need to choose which Premier League club he's going to join. Much like this year's NBA 2K19 The Prelude story, try and pick a mid-table team so you can find a balance between making the Starting XI and decent wages/bonuses. Opt for a club like Watford, Crystal Palace or Brighton and Hove Albion.

Before heading to training you'll have a brief chat with Danny's hapless agent, Michael, where you'll have another dialogue choice. Another result from FIFA 18, this time on Danny's part, will be referenced.


Now it's off to training for a quick drill of First to Five. Dead easy this one. Just pass the ball around and score five goals in this 3v3 setup. Try and score them all with Danny to bump up his overall. Do enough and you should make the Starting XI.

Next, Danny will meet Roger at his flat. He's apparently scored a sponsorship deal with a local fish and chip shop chain and you'll need to make a Key Decision on whether to do a radio show appearance or a photo shoot later in the story. Michael will then turn up, reminding you your contract extension meeting is coming up. Time to shine in your next game.


Now we're off to see Alex. As with Danny, you'll need to pick up a club, only this time it's going to from among Europe's top teams. You'll have the choice of Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG. All three have the same manager rating targets but differ wildly in wages and bonuses. We think PSG is a good choice here.

Next, you're introduced to the Manager Rating system. The Team Lineup will show where you currently sit in terms of ranking in the whole squad. You can increase your position by playing well in matches and in training. You can also make the Starting XI over players with higher ratings if you put the work in, so there's no excuse here.


You'll now need to show what you're made of in the 11v11 Training and the Pre-Season Tour to impress the manager before the season kicks off. Try and get a decent player rating. Somewhere above 8.0 would be good as this should keep your spot on the Starting XI.

Next - with a brief callback to a decision from FIFA 18 - you'll go for a meeting with Michael and Beatriz Villanova (the mysterious lady who gave Alex a phone call at the end of The Journey: Hunter Returns). You won't have to choose between Michael Bea as the story will do it for you, but you can choose how things end with your and Michael.


Next, you're off on the Pre-Season Tour in Japan. Alex, Danny, Kim and Alex's Dad are all relaxing in the bar. It's all smiles and nervous laughter before you're introduced to the game's customisation system.

Danny is up first, in a matchup against America. You're looking to get a 7.5 rating overall, so for this match we advise you opt for 'Play as Danny' rather than 'Play as Team'. This way, you can ensure your Hero is always in the mix.


To up your rating, use a burst of speed to make an interception, make an assist and score a goal. Scoring a goal with net you at least 1.0 in terms of rating, so it's worth going for. Just be mindful you can lose rating for poor challenges and missed opportunities when firing at goal too often without a goal. Play smart and avoid blowing all your stamina in the first half.

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FIFA 19 Gameplay - Kick-Off Mode - House Rules, Stat Tracking, Survival Mode

When the match is finished, you'll advance to Alex's first game in the Pre-Season Tournament. Once again, opt to use 'Play as Alex' so you can focus entirely on your Hero. Keep in position, graft for the ball and don't just keep blasting away at the goal. Keep possession in the box, pass smartly and get some assists - they can be just as valuable to your rating boost as a goal.

Next up, it's time to head to the Pre-Season Tournament final. Since you won the last two matches, both Danny and Alex will have advanced so you'll now need to pick between them. We'd opt for the player that had the lower player rating overall - although you should go for Danny if you're gunning for all three objectives in this chapter.

As always, opt to play with your chosen Hero, follow all the tactics you've used before and don't throw away points in your rating needlessly by going for sloppy challenges and playing way out of position. Once the match is rounded off, you'll nab the final objective as you'll have won the final.


You'll also have a new Key Decision to make after the match. Will you apologise to Gallo or double-down? This is a call-back to an event in FIFA 18.

Post-match, Alex, Danny and Kim catch up. Everyone is jet-lagged, but Kim's performance will have netted her a place on the Women's World Cup squad. Alex will get a call from Bea revealing he's been offered a five-year contract at Real Madrid, while Danny will dwell on his deteriorating relationship with brother Terry (before getting news - if you've played well enough - that his contract will be renewed).


And that's The Journey Champions: Chapter One - Rising Stars complete. You'll get Jim Hunter's Ball and a Jim Hunter card for Ultimate Team, and then it's on to FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Two - Pressure's Favour.

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