FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Three - Collision Course objectives decisions and rewards

Everything you need to know to get the most out of FIFA 19's story mode finale.

Welcome to The Journey: Champions Chapter Three - Collision Course. In this chapter, Alex will have to choose between two very different lives; Danny will have to face losing it all to win it all; and Kim will need to overcome new challenges to achieve her dream.

Here we'll cover the story as it progresses through Chapter Three, list all objectives, any rewards you can achieve and our tips on how to get the best result.

For more details, meanwhile, head back to our FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions walkthrough hub for all the rest.

FIFA 19 The Journey: Champions Chapter Three - Collision Course objectives decisions and rewards

Chapter Three begins with Danny heading to LA with Alex to oversee a street football tournament. Danny brings his unique brand of 'bants' to the mix before things move over to Kim.

Alex Hunter objectives

  • Achieve a maximum Mentor Rating with all 5 mentors - Flair trait
  • Score 5 goals in UEFA Champions League or LaLiga matches - 5,000 Followers
  • Win the LaLiga title - 10,000 Followers

Danny Williams objectives

  • Beat Terry in the 1-on-1 drill
  • Unlock all Target Man player traits - 5,000 Followers
  • Win the Premier League title - 10,000 Followers

Kim Hunter objectives

  • Assist on 2 goals scored by Alex Morgan - 5,000 Followers
  • Achieve a maximum partnership rating with Alex Morgan - Flair trait
  • Qualify for the FIFA Women's World Cup Final - 10,000 Followers

First up, training. Complete Tackle Practice and Rookie Defending Scenarios to keep your place on the Starting XI. Next, it's time to face France in the Knockout Stages of the Last 16. Beat them, then head into a cutscene with Kim and Alex reunited and Bea offering Kim some advice on her future.


Now we're back to Alex. Depending on your decision with the logo, you'll either be at home with Alex's mum or out at a restaurant. After the cutscene, it's off to training for Through the Gap and Unmarked Crossing drills. Next, it's off to the Knockout Stages of the CL. Beat Dortmund and secure a place in the next round.

Training up next, with Free Movement Obstacle Course and Positioning Practice drills. After that, you'll be told you're on the bench for the second leg match with Dortmund. Simulate the match (Real will win, because they're Real) then advance to the next section. Return to training and complete Beat the Goalie and Speed Shooting drills. Get high grades in both to push back into sub territory.


Now it's time to resume Danny's side of the chapter. Before we get there, make a Key Decision and side with Michael or Ringo. Complete Over the Fence and Timed Lofted Through Pass drills. Then it's a CL match against Roma you need to win to progress.

Post-match, it's back to training for Pass to the Target and Pass through the Gates drills. Then it's off to the second leg of the Roma matchup. Make the fixture count and get that win. Post-match, you'll get a different scene depending on whether you sided with Michael or Ringo. Either way, you've gone bust because Ringo invested your money and lost it all.


Penniless, Danny heads to the training field for Direct Free Kick Novice and Direct Free Kick Adept drills. Nail them to ensure your place in the Starting XI. Nail them, then head onto the next game in the CL. It's time face Bayern.

Post-match, Danny will call Kim to ask about Alex. She'll express her worry about Alex - and Danny - but Danny pretends everything is fine. While standing in his empty apartment with no money. So what better time to do some training, right? Speed Shooting and Beat the Goalie it is. Now head to the second leg with Bayern and take out your money troubled frustration on them.

Next, we're off to see Alex. We're back with the scene where Alex's mum kicks off because Alex isn't greeting his half-sister, Kim. The siblings agree to settle the topic of Alex joining them for dinner with 1v1. You can choose either Alex or Kim via a Key Decision. First to five in a quick shootout.


Onto your next match with Juventus. You're still a sub, so you'll come on in the 82nd minute. You'll need to score a goal and ensure Real wins the match. After that, head to training and complete Timed Lofted Through Pass and Crossing Scenarios drills. Now we're off to the second leg against Juventus. This time you're starting, so make it count.

Now it's back to training for Pass Interception and Novice Defending Scenarios. Next, we're off to see Miss Kim Hunter.


It's time for training, so complete Through the Gap and Unmarked Crossing. Next, it's time to face Australia in the Quarter-Finals. Take the win, then move onto training (Put in the Bucket and Over the Fence). After that a cutscene plays where your coach blows her top when she hears you were talking to an agent. Answer the Key Decision question and save your skin on the team.

Next, we're of to the Semi-Finals to face Germany. Beat them, make it to Final and receive a post-match interview for your troubles. Now it's off to training for Obstacle Shooting and Long Shot Practice). After that, Kim has a run-in with Melanie then we're off to see Alex.


You need to win the next match against Huesca in order to stay in the LaLiga title race with Barca. Win the match and you'll head into a cutscene where Alex needs to make a Key Decision. Go to your press commitments with Bea or spend the day with Kim. Afterwards, complete the Precision Dribbling and 1-on-1 Shifting Gates drills at training.

Now it's time to face Man City in the next round of the CL. Fight hard for that lean, then have a half-time catch up with De Bruyne. Finish the match to put your team ahead in this first leg and progress further in the CL. Now it's onto training with Scoring Runs and Adept Attacking Scenarios.


Now we're off to Man City for leg two in the CL. Put the other big side from Manchester down for good, then you're off to the Final. But first, we need to check in with Danny…

Danny has 1-on-1 Bucket Race and Race against the Clock drills. Next it's back to the Prem for a match against Southampton. Show them who The Williams really is, then have a good post-match interview. Now off to training for Defend the Mininet and Adept Defending Scenarios.

Now it's time to face Terry in a 1-on-1 header challenge. Show him up, then move onto the next match. It's time to face PSG in the CL. After beating PSG in the first leg, it's off to training for Adept Attacking Scenarios and Scoring Runs. Now it's time to return to Alex.


Alex has training first - Deliver into the Box and PK against the Keeper - before a quick passing drill in the locker room before you face Barca in LaLiga. This is a big match - and your toughest so far in this league - so bring your A-game. Finish your post-match interview then head to training for Direct Free Kick Novice and Direct Free Kick Adept.

Now you'll be playing a lob mini-game over the pool in your apartment with Neymar (because of course you are). Alex suddenly realises he's surrounded himself with people he doesn't know or really understand. Now it's time to head back to Danny.


The Williams now has his second leg match against PSG in the CL. Make sure you send Terry packing with a strong performance and make sure you play as Danny and keep that position or risk losing vital rating points. After the match, Terry will begrudgingly congratulate you. You'll also have a quick TV interview.

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Now to training for Precision Penalty and PK against the Keeper drills. Next it's back to the Prem for a home game against Bournemouth. This shouldn't be too much of a challenge to put them further towards relegation and maintain your journey towards the title. Beat them, have a good post-match interview then head to training.


It's time for 1-on-1 against the Keeper and Obstacle Shooting drills. You know the drill by now. Get a good grade and up your stats. Next, it's another Premier League matchup, this time against the Arsenal. Beat them, then move onto training (Pass Interception and Novice Defending Scenarios).

Now for your final match in the Prem, with a 90-minute encounter with Watford. Show them who the champions really are and claim the Premier League title for you. Now we're heading back to Alex for the final part of Chapter Three. He's got a matchup with Sevilla for the LaLiga title…

When the title is yours, it's back to the grind of training for Put in the Bucket and Adept Defending Scenarios. Now it's time for your final match in this season of LaLiga. This one should be a formality at this stage. Finish Girona strong and end on a high.


Once that's done it's on to The Journey: Champions Chapter Four - Eclipse.

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