God of War - Jarn Fotr boss fight and Reach the Summit

A walkthrough for the third part of the God of War story mission, Inside the Mountain.

The Jarn Fotr boss fight, is your next challenge, followed by the task to Reach the Summit, in God of War PS4's main story quest Inside the Mountain.

Here on this page, we'll take you through everything you need to know about this section of your quest, including how to solve any puzzles, take down any bosses and find any useful loot along the way. For guides to specific collectibles we also have pages on Valkyrie locations and how to open Hidden Chambers, Lost and Found locations and Faces of Magic locations, too.

This page follows on from God of War - Jarn Fotr boss fight and Reach the Summit.

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Jarn Fotr

Out of nowhere, after you lift the stone trapping the rope, a lumbering frost troll called Jarn Fotr appears in the middle of the area!

This guy's basically like any other Troll - the attacks vary somewhat, but you're essentially doing the same thing. Start by poking him with some ranged axe throws to chip away at his health from a safe distance.


When he gets in close for an attack and completes his melee attack cycle, get some hacking shots in yourself and then retreat. He'll start off by just slamming his pillar down once, which is easy enough to dodge and counter.

He'll then progress to a couple of melee swings, and then from there he'll start using a ranged attack. This is a kind of stomp that sends tracks of ice shards rippling towards you out of the ground - it's blockable and counterable though, so if you have good timing you can actually use this to get in a lot of damage.


More explosive Draugr will start to appear too, and they're where it starts to get tough - avoid getting caught by their fiery attacks at all costs.

His ranged attack will then progress to three lines of ice rather than one, which can be hard work to dodge so you're better off blocking - the central stone in the area is also useful to get behind when he goes for ranged attacks as it'll stop them on the spot when they hit it.

At this point he'll be fairly low on health, and a Spartan Rage is enoguh to deal a good third of his health and finish him off.


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Reach the Summit

Jarn Fotr will drop some nice loot, and then when you're done with that it's time to finally get up this lift.

Ascend the Mountain

Push the mine cart all the way over to the initial wheel Atreus messed up.


Then go to the wheel and pull it to yank down the huge lifting claw and grip it around the cart.

Freeze the wheel by throwing your axe at the cog just to it's right, and hop onto the cart and recall the axe to start your ascent, at last!


Ride it up and you're onto the next part of the quest, as you continue towards the mountain's peak.

Reach the Summit

When you reach the top of that makeshift lift, quickly turn to your right to smash through some more wood for a Hacksilver chest.


Then, press on to the spitting fire traps ahead - you know the drill: run past when the timing's right - and continue.

Up ahead is another trap in the same style, only this time it's a spinning column with fire coming out in several directions. Use the debris and stone pillars to the right to gradually work your way by, and watch out for the ranged Draugr that starts attacking when you get about halfway round.


Out the far end, pull the wheel to lower the fire trap column and also make that coffin on top of it accessible and get yourself some rare Chest Armour.

Continue on to the proper lift at the end of the passage, and shove off the two huge stones to free it up and start rising.

Prepare for a bit of a combat challenge here, albeit a fun one. After a short while several waves of Draugr - and soon enough an Ogre! - will start to hop on board and attack you. You'll also have to periodically shove yourself free by heading to where the lift gets lodged and following the button prompts.


Hraezlyr mini boss fight

Just when you think you're clear - a Dragon!


This one's simple enough, albeit intimidating nonetheless. Simply hack away at the huge hand that it's grabbing the platform with, landing a couple blows then backing off to dodge its swipes and bites, and repeating, until you're rid of it.


Eventually you'll get to a quite time event where you have to mash Circle, and then you're in the clear, at least for now!

The two of you will land in another tunnel, but this one's full of that red gooey sap - and some short tree stumps with similar glowing red crystal in them, too.


Those red crystals in the stumps are known as Shatter Crystals, and you can plug the crystals from the stumps, throw them at stuff (like the red sap) that's electrified in any way, the red sap blocking your path will explode! Soon enough you'll be able to source that electrified current for yourself (more on that in the next page), whcih eventually means that means anything blocked by the ugly red stuff can now finally be cleared.

Practice using the mechanic as you work your way up the path and out to the exterior of the mountain, and then there's another cutscene waiting for you, along with someone else...

Next up: God of War - Hraezlyr boss fight.

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