Anyone who's played the original Final Fantasy 12 will probably remember the hubbub around the Zodiac Spear, a superpowered weapon that required you to fulfil a series of impossible-to-stumble-upon tasks in order to earn it.

Well, as with many things, the method for finding the Zodiac Spear in Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age has changed - and the Spear itself has too. Here on this page we'll take you through the new method of finding it - the Hunt Club - and the changes to the Spear itself.

For other tips and explainers meanwhile, head to our Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age guide and walkthrough, where we cover plenty more.

Zodiac Spear differences and how to get the Zodiac Spear in Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age

In the original Final Fantasy 12, the Zodiac Spear was the most powerful weapon in the game and required a somewhat roundabout method to claim it, but with the addition of the Zodiac License Boards came the class-specific weapons, with the Spear, unforuntately, becoming one of them.

Having the most powerful weapon only equippable by a single class would have felt a bit odd, so while it still exists in the game - and is still pretty good - it's no longer such a must-have item. If none of your characters are Ulaan it's essentially worthless, and its method of acquisition is entirely different (and in many ways more arduous). Essentially, you'll need to acquire it through either a minisculely chanced random drop from certain chests, or via the method below: Hunt Club.

Hunt Club and Hunt Club weapon rewards explained

To access Hunt Club you'll first need to deal with Doctor Cid in Draklor Laboratory, before heading back to the Clan encampment in Phon Coast.


Speak to the Huntmaster near the Hunt board and say "You're a bird of prey". You'll now be given the task of hunting down a Thalassinon - he'll tell you it can be found in Vaddu Strand, but that's all you'll get out of him.

Head to Vaddu Strand and stand on the tall hill in the area, and then wait ten seconds, and your prey will appear. Deal with it, grab the item it drops, and return to the Huntmaster with it. He'll welcome you to the Hunt Club, and then you need to speak to either Atak, Blok, or Stok for an explanation of the club's activities.

You'll soon find there's a list of 80 rare creatures to hunt, and bringing back up to 30 trophies from them - and giving those trophies to some combination of brothers - will allow you to purchase new and exciting items from the club's shop. Below is a table showing how many trophies you need to give to each brother to unlock which items - but note that there are only 30 trophies available, meaning it's impossible to unlock everything. You'll need to choose your rewards carefully!

Hunt Club rewards list:

ItemCost (Gil)AtakBlokStok
Thief's Cuffs 3600 0 0 1
Golden Amulet 5400 0 0 15
Platinum Armor 8370 0 1 0
Kiku-ichimonji 9450 1 0 0
Ruby Ring 10200 0 0 5
Minerva Bustier 11160 0 5 0
Turtleshell Choker 11160 5 5 12
Holy Lance 13050 5 0 0
Ame-no-Murakumo 13500 10 0 0
Black Mask 18600 5 12 5
Opal Ring 19200 0 0 10
Maximillian 20400 5 10 5
White Mask 21750 0 10 0
Stoneblade 29250 15 0 0
Cat-ear Hood 36000 0 0 20
Bubble Belt 47520 0 0 25
Orochi 49500 20 0 0
Aegis Shield 57600 0 15 0
Indigo Pendant 60000 1 1 25
Artemis Bow 61600 12 5 5
Eight-fluted Pole 70200 10 5 0
Ultima Blade 75000 25 0 0
Gastrophetes S 104000 25 1 1
Dueling Mask 117000 0 20 0
Grand Helm 123750 0 25 0
Lordly Robes 132000 1 25 1
Grand Armor 162000 0 30 0
Nihopalaoa 360000 0 0 30
Genji Gloves 447000 5 5 15
Masamune 700000 30 0 0
Zodiac Spear 999999 10 10 10

For more help with? Final Fantasy 12? See our Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age guide and walkthrough which highlights PS4 and PC differences, our hidden Espers strategy and locations and Elite Hunts and Marks guides, our guide to the best Zodiac Jobs for each character, a guide to farming LP from Jellies, and even how to get the Zodiac Spear with Hunt Club.

Hunt Club prey locations

Each of the creatures spawns in specific locations under certain conditions, and tracking them down can be very time consuming. Any that have a certain spawn percentage simply require going in and out of an area a few times until they show up, but bear in mind that a "20% chance" doesn't guarantee it'll appear once every five visits - you're somewhat at the mercy of RNJesus, so to speak - and some also won't appear until you've joined the Hunt Club.

While there are only 30 trophies to be gathered for the Hunt, there's also a separate PlayStation Trophy available for killing one of each - so completionists are going to need a lot of luck!

Minibug Barheim Passage - East-West Bypass 20% spawn chance.
Ishteen Barheim Passage - East-West Bypass, The Zeviah Span Hunt Club sidequest accepted. Wait.
Ithuno Barheim Passage - Special Op Sector 5 20% chance of appearing in a random chest.
Bluesang Cerobi Steppe - Crossfield 40% spawn chance.
Aspidochelon Cerobi Steppe - Feddik River 40% spawn chance.
Etherian Cerobi Steppe - The Northsward Kill all other mobs in the area.
Greeden Dalmasca Estersand - Bank of the Nebra Stay in the area for three minutes without killing any Cactoids.
Terror Tyrant Dalmasca Estersand - Broken Sands 40% chance of spawning in place of a Wild Saurian.
Nekhbet Dalmasca Estersand - Sand-swept Naze 20% chance of spawning after defeating a Cockatrice.
Ripe Rampager Dalmasca Estersand - Yardang Labyrinth 33% chance of spawning per Cactite or Cactoid killed.
Kaiser Wolf Dalmasca Westersand - Corridor of Sand Kill Lindbur Wolf in the Shimmering Horizons area, then there's a 40% chance of it spawning in the Corridor of Sand area.
Dustia Dalmasca Westersand - Corridor of Sand A party member must have less than 10% HP.
Lindbur Wolf Dalmasca Westersand - Shimmering Horizons Defeat 20 Wolves in the Dalmasca Westersand.
Fideliant Dalmasca Westersand - The Midfault 20% spawn chance.
Dreadguard Feywood - Walk of Dancing Shadow 40% chance of spawning in place of a Mirrorknight.
Crypt Bunny Feywood - Walk of Stolen Truths Kill all Tartaruses and 6 Cerberuses in the Walk of Stolen Truths area, then Crypt Bunny has a 20% chance of spawning.
Juggernaut Feywood - White Magick's Embrace Game clock (in the pause menu) must be between :00 and :10 minutes.
Gavial Garamsythe Waterway - No. 10 Channel Stand in the most southwesterly area and wait.
Drowned Garamsythe Waterway - No.4 Cloaca Spur Stay in the Garamsythe Waterway for five minutes.
Razorfin Garamsythe Waterway - North Spur Sluiceway 10% chance of spawning instead of a Ichthon.
Nazarnir Giza Plains - Starfall Field 40% chance of spawning instead of a Sleipnir.
Rain Dancer Giza Plains - Starfall Field, Warrior's Wash, Toam Hills 20% chance of spawning during the wet.
Midgardsormr Golmore Jungle - Paths of Chained Light 20% chance of spawning.
Phyllo Golmore Jungle - The Branchway 20% chance of spawning.
Biding Mantis Golmore Jungle - The Needlebrake Game clock must be between :30 and :59.
Grave Lord Golmore Jungle - The Rustling Chapel Get a kill chain of 21.
Glaring Eye Henne Mines 10% chance of spawning after defeating a Hecteyes.
Melt Henne Mines - Pithead Junction B After joining the club it has a 50% chance of spawning when you flip the switch.
Bombshell Lhusu Mines - Lasche Span 20% chance of spawning.
Aerieel Lhusu Mines - Oltam Span 20% chance of spawning.
Gemhorn Lhusu Mines - Site 11 Kill all enemies in Site 11.
Disma Lhusu Mines - Site 5; Lhusu Mines - Site 6 South 5% chance of spawning instead of a Dark Lord.
Grey Molter Mosphoran Highwaste - Empyrean Way Game clock must be between :10 and :20 minutes.
Dheed Mosphoran Highwaste - Skyreach Ridge 40% chance of spawning.
Wary Wolf Mosphoran Highwaste - Summit Path 7% chance of spawning instead of a Worgen.
Velelu Nabreus Deadlands - The Fog Mutters A party member must have less than 20% HP.
Arioch Nabreus Deadlands - The Slumbermead 40% chance of spawning.
Megabomb Nam-Yensa Sandsea - Demesne of the Sandqueen Get a kill chain of 21.
Imdugud Nam-Yensa Sandsea - Withering Shores Kill all the Bagolies in the Withering Shores area, then move onto the middle of the circular platform and wait.
Victanir Nam-Yensa Sandsea - Yellow Sands 40% chance of spawning.
Helvinek Necrohol of Nabudis Kill 6 Oversouls in the Necrohol of Nabudis.
Vorres Necrohol of Nabudis - Hall of the Ivory Covenant Kite a Dark Elemental close to the Cloister of Reason entrance.
Pineapple Ogir-Yensa Sandsea - Platform 1 Refinery 20% chance of spawning.
Urutan Exile Ogir-Yensa Sandsea - Platform 2 Refinery Kill 100 Urutan-Yensa in the Ogir-Yensa Sandsea.
Bull Chocobo Ogir-Yensa Sandsea - South Tank Approach 40% chance of spawning.
Bull Croc Ozmone Plain - The Shred 20% chance of spawning.
Aeros Ozmone Plain - The Shred Kill Bull Croc.
Killbug Ozmone Plain - The Switchback Found in a larger than normal treasure chest when the game clock is between :10 and :39 minutes.
Ancbolder Paramina Rift - Karydine Glacier Kill all enemies in the Karydine Glacier.
Anchag Paramina Rift - Karydine Glacier Kill all enemies in the Karydine Glacier.
Vishno Pharos - First Ascent - Wellspring Ravel - 4th Flight Kill 10 Deidars in the Pharos.
Avenger Pharos - Second Ascent - Station of Ascension Kill all enemies in the Station of Ascension, enter the Reach of the Damned, and return to Station of Ascension.
Vagrant Soul Pharos - Subterra - Abyssal - North After Shadowseer is defeated, 25% chance of spawning.
Luxollid Pharos - Subterra - Umbra - South Kill Vagrant Soul.
Tower Pharos - Third Ascent - Spire Ravel - 2nd Flight 20% chance of spawning.
Skullash Phon Coast - Cape Tialan 40% chance of spawning.
Apsara Phon Coast - The Mauleia Strand Kill 10 Piranhas in the Phon Coast.
Thalassinon Phon Coast - The Vaddu Strand Wait at the top of the hill for ten seconds.
Pallicant Ridorana Cataract - City of Other Days Kill all enemies in the City of Other Days, leave, then reenter.
Abelisk Ridorana Cataract - Echoes from Time's Garden 30% chance of spawning.
Wood Toad Salikawood - Corridor of Ages 20% chance of spawning.
Rageclaw Salikawood - Piebald Path Don't kill any enemies in the Salikawood and wait one minute.
Spee Salikawood - Sun-dappled Path 15% chance of spawning after defeating a Wyrdhare.
Wendice Sochen Cave Palace - Destiny's March Kill 3 Wendigos in Destiny's March.
Anubys Sochen Cave Palace - Mirror of the Soul Enter the Mirror of the Soul via the Falls of Time.
Cubus Sochen Cave Palace - Temptation Eluded Kill all Pit Fiends and Wendigos in the Temptation Eluded area.
Matriarch Bomb Stilshrine of Miriam - Ward of Measure Enter the secret passage on the right side of Cold Distance.
Negalmuur Stilshrine of Miriam - Ward of the Sword-King Stay in the Stilshrine of Miriam for thirty minutes, and defeat the Darkmare in the Ward of the Sword-King.
Myath Stilshrine of Miriam - Ward of Velitation Kill 3 Dragon Aevises in the Ward of Velitation area, then exit and reenter.
Tarasque Tchita Uplands - Garden of Life's Circle Get a kill chain of 22 Serpents or Malboro Overkings.
Kris Tchita Uplands - The Highland 40% chance of spawning.
Grimalkin Tchita Uplands - Uazcuff Hills 10% chance of spawning instead of a Coeurl.
Evil Spirit The Great Crystal 5% chance of spawning instead of a Forbidden.
Larva Eater The Great Crystal Kill all Necrophobes in the area with the Leo Gate Stone, then move between the area with Leo Gate Stone and the Waystone XIV area.
Crystal Knight The Great Crystal Move from Way Stone XX to the Sagittarius Gate Switch and back in a clockwise loop.
Zombie Lord The Tomb of Raithwall - Northfall Passage Game clock must be between :00 and :29 minutes.
Barmuu Tomb of Raithwall - Royal Passage Get a kill chain of 12.
Cultsworn Lich Tomb of Raithwall - Southfall Passage 20% chance of appearing when the Lich uses Divide.
Molen Zertinan Caverns - Hourglass Basin Enter northernmost part of the area through the hidden passage and wait.
Alteci Zertinan Caverns - The Undershore Get a kill a chain of 12.

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