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LucasArts' Secret Weapons

George's boys get in on the act

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Almost exactly a year ago to the day that Totally Games and LucasArts announced they were to work together on a new World War II flight game, details of the game have finally been divulged.

Having apparently spotted the boon in producing World War II-themed titles recently, LucasArts has revealed Secret Weapons Over Normandy, a WWII flight game with a distinctly action-oriented slant. Developed by Totally Games, the same team responsible for LucasArts' X-Wing and TIE Fighter games, the new title is a follow-up to the classic Secrets of the Luftwaffe series.

The game is set to feature over 30 air-to-air and ground attack missions, spread across 15 campaigns spanning Europe, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific (so, er... not just Normandy then?), and will contain more than 20 aircraft, including the P-38 Lightning and the P-51 Mustang as well as more experimental craft such as the Me 163 Komet rocket plane and the Me 262 turbo jet fighter.

LucasArts plans to release Secret Weapons Over Normandy for PS2, Xbox and PC simultaneously before the end of the year. Platform-specific features include co-operative multiplayer on the PS2 and Xbox versions (why not the PC?), and the PC version will contain a scenario editor.

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