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Secret Weapons Over Retail

Totally Games' arcade flight combat title goes gold.

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LucasArts' Secret Weapons Over Normandy, developed by Larry Holland's Totally Games, has gone gold and should be swooping onto PS2, Xbox and PC shelves as of November 28th according to UK distributor Activision's latest release schedule.

Having welcomed and embraced online Xbox dogfight-'em-up Crimson Skies just the other week, we're looking forward to SWON, which, like FASA's title, aims to give us full run of the skies without a phonebook-sized manual. Obviously then flight sim fans probably need not apply, but anybody else who fancies mastering the skies of World War II (from Russia and the Pacific to D-Day), manning gun turrets and parachuting their way into enemy strongholds should break out their flying goggles and assemble on runway four.

We'll be taking a look at Secret Weapons Over Normandy sometime towards the end of the month.

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