Secret Weapons Over Normandy

Secret Downloads Over Normandy Part 4!

I coulda SWON we already had one of these recently...

LucasArts has released another bounteous package of downloadable content via Xbox Live, adding another new plane, another new mission and two new camouflage schemes to an already bulging game. This is actually the fourth batch of items released for the game - which still kept Kristan going for days before he even got round to the added extras.

Secret Demos Over Normandy

Well, demo. Learn to fly!

LucasArts' Totally Games-developed dogfight-'em-up Secret Weapons Over Normandy recently went gold, and should be out on multiple formats next Friday, November 28th. In the meantime, LucasArts has released a 160MB demo of the game to try and convince people it's not all about polishing propellers and admiring dials. Indeed, the missions in the demo should give some idea that it's not, with tutorials focusing on just the Orientation and Bombing side of the pilot's Hawker Hurricane before players are led through the first mission of the Dunkirk campaign. You can check the demo out for yourselves here and here amongst other places.

Secret Weapons Over Retail

Totally Games' arcade flight combat title goes gold.

LucasArts' Secret Weapons Over Normandy, developed by Larry Holland's Totally Games, has gone gold and should be swooping onto PS2, Xbox and PC shelves as of November 28th according to UK distributor Activision's latest release schedule.

LucasArts' Secret Weapons

George's boys get in on the act

Almost exactly a year ago to the day that Totally Games and LucasArts announced they were to work together on a new World War II flight game, details of the game have finally been divulged.