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Adventure Company's 2003 line-up

The other side of the DreamCatcher empire

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Yesterday we brought you DreamCatcher's 2003 line-up, and today we have their pseudo-sibling The Adventure Company's offering, riddled with games that we're sure some of you will be interested in.

Starting in March (better hurry up chaps), there's Thorgal - Odin's Curse (PC), which is about a famous Viking hero's quest to dispel the evil surrounding his family, and Amenophis - Resurrection (PC), which is an investigation/adventure affair about a kidnapped archaeologist in Egypt.

Then in April, there's Salammbo - Peril in Carthage (PC), in June there's Law & Order - Dead on the money (PC), which is indeed an adaptation of the TV show, May brings us Versailles II - Testament of the King (PS2), and in September we get Omega (PC) and the PS2 version of Thorgal - Odin's Curse.

If you missed DreamCatcher's line-up, check the link below.

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