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DreamCatcher announces 2003 line-up

Freshly launched Euro publisher unveils plans

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Image credit: Eurogamer

The recently unveiled European subsidiary of US publisher DreamCatcher Games has today announced its release list. Starting in May, the publisher will release Kaan - Barbarian's Blade (PS2/PC), which is an arcade hackandslash title, along with Superpower (PC), a turn-based geopolitical and militaristic simulator which utilises accurate UN/CIA data.

Then in June, DC will release Harbinger (PC), a character-based sci-fi adventure, and Battlecruiser Millennium: Gold Edition (PC), the infamous freeform space sim/strategy/RPG title from Derek Smart. Also that month, on GBA, Popeye - Hush Rush for Spinach, which is a 2D arcade racer apparently.

A bit further down the line, September looks to bring us a horror FPS called Painkiller for PC and Xbox. Painkiller stars a "merciless mercenary" devoted to the eradication of the undead.

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