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Writers signed for Fatal Frame movie

DreamWorks it out

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We don't really understand or keep up with the filmmaking process here at Eurogamer, because we've only ever seen one decent game-to-movie adaptation and we could probably count decent movie-to-game releases on the fingers of one hand.

However, when one of our favourite games is plucked from the relative obscurity of selling nothing on the PS2, we sit up and take notice. In July last year, DreamWorks announced it had picked up exclusive rights to Project Zero (née Fatal Frame), and that qualified.

The latest news has nothing to do with the chap we quoted as producer last year, and we won't pretend we care. Variety reports this week by way of IGN's FilmForce that DreamWorks has brought on Robert Fyvolent and Mark R Brinker to write the screenplay (having previously done "Streaming Evil") for producer John Rogers.

Of course it isn't too surprising to see the project being kicked around in varying states, but if we were DreamWorks we'd be more concerned about the name. Despite being lambasted by online critics here, "Fatal Frames" was still a film released barely seven years ago in the horror genre. So it's the title of the game property in the region, right, but it's also the name of a reportedly very bad movie in the same proposed genre. A marketing nightmare, if ever there was one.

Source: IGN

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