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Project Zero: Nightmares and DreamWorks

Project Zero née Fatal Frame follows Resident Evil to the box office

DreamWorks has picked up the exclusive film rights to the Japanese PlayStation 2 game Fatal Frame, with hopes of transforming the survival horror spectacle into a big-screen blockbuster. Fatal Frame is already a popular property, but you might know it better as Project Zero, developed by Tecmo, previewed here recently, and set to be published by Wanadoo in Europe this September for the lower-than-expected price tag of £29.99. Project Zero stars a young lass called Miyu, who follows her lost brother into the cursed Himuro mansion with nothing but a camera to protect her. The story of brother and sister and the mansion's former occupants is perfect film fodder, and Tecmo has done a superb job of building a believably frightening environment for PS2 gamers. In other words, it's an unsurprising choice for a film, but after the surprisingly competent (but not altogether faithful) film adaptation of Resident Evil, we're not too worried about this one, particularly as DreamWorks producer chief Michael De Luca has already promised to stick to the game and not just exploit the brand. "Our plan is to take the scariest video game of all time and transport that vision - complete with all the tension, fear and storyline intact - to the big screen for everyone to experience," he said. With no script or writer attached to the project yet, it could be a while coming, and will have to compete with rival cinematic game adaptations House of the Dead and Silent Hill. Related Feature - Project Zero preview

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