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Vice up your PC

Take-Two's conference call reveals plans for a PC version of that game

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We were all expecting it, but Take-Two has finally confirmed that Vice City will be coming to the PC next year, but the fate of Duke Nukem Forever remains as vague as ever - but it is coming to consoles.

Take-Two was spectacularly vague with all its projected release dates - particularly with Duke, only revealing that it would announce a release date 90 days before it ships, but from what we have been told, the game will not be shown at E3, and is unlikely to make it before next Christmas. You have been warned. However, the long awaited first person shooter is definitely coming to 'consoles' although it didn't reveal which ones - although 3D Realms always admitted an Xbox version was on the cards.

Several other juicy titbits emerged from the publisher's conference call, with PC owners being treated to Serious Sam 2, Hidden & Dangerous 2, and, erm, Railroad Tycoon 3 before the end of its 2003 financial year - October, in case you were wondering.

2004 will bring sequels to Max Payne and (cough) State Of Emergency. We trust Vis will make a game that doesn't make you want to kill people this time.

As you'd expect, Mafia is getting the console port treatment, with Xbox and PS2 versions planned (sorry, Cube owners), while a new title, Manhunt, makes it onto the schedule for release at some point before November 2003 - also for 'consoles'.

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