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Interview Of The Dead

Writer Mark Altman talks about the House of the Dead movie

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When Mindfire announced that they were making a movie based on the House Of The Dead series, we were somewhat surprised. After all, their first movie was the hilarious Trekkie send-up Free Enterprise, and it was hard to imagine them doing a horror game adaptation as their next project. "We tried to keep the Mindfire sensibility in developing the property, but things take on a life of their own when you bring in a director and cast", president and writer Mark A. Altman admitted in an interview with HomeLAN Fed. "I think fans of our first two films will really enjoy House of the Dead as well, [but] it's certainly a lot more action-packed than what we've done in the past." Given the history of movies based on video games, from Mario Brothers to Tomb Raider, it's hard to be overly optimistic about the prospects for House of the Dead, but Altman has at least spotted the problem that has afflicted most of these past attempts. "I think that many people don't bother to try and come up with an interesting story. They think that having a video game is enough, or worse think because something is based on a video game the story isn't important. We felt the opposite, we wanted to please the fans of the game as well as those who weren't familiar with the game and wanted it to stand on its own. Being a first person shooter, House Of The Dead is a lot more style than story, but that only made it easier to come up with an original story for the film which incorporated the elements from the game which give it a universal appeal. It's a really fun game and that will, hopefully, translate to film." House of the Dead is currently on track for a May 2003 release. Meanwhile Mindfire are also working on a Dead Or Alive movie for Tecmo, which could prove .. interesting. "I can't wait for DOA Beach Volleyball", Mark revealed. "But don't tell anyone." Related Feature - Trailer Of The Dead

Source - HomeLAN Fed

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