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Trailer Of The Dead

House Of The Dead movie teaser hits the net

The first teaser trailer for the forthcoming House Of The Dead movie adaptation is now available from the official website. It's fairly low resolution, but features the best part of a minute of early footage from the movie, which only started filming a few weeks ago. Included are several shots of the cast running around in the woods being chased by leaping zombies, as well as some gunplay, a couple of high-kicking fight scenes and a fairly modest explosion. Nothing too enlightening then, and we only get a brief glimpse of Jurgen Prochnow doing his "crusty old sea captain" act (which looks suitably crusty if not particularly old), but if you want to get a feel for what the producers are up to over there in Vancouver, the trailer only weighs in at a couple of megabytes. Related Feature - Movie Of The Dead

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