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Movie Of The Dead

Sega zombie movie in production

Work is now underway on the film adaptation of Sega's House of the Dead series, with movie rumour site Dark Horizons reporting that principal photography has just begun in Vancouver. The film, due for release next spring, is directed by Uwe Boll and stars a variety of obscure young actors we've never heard of before, with the lead role of Alicia played by a woman whose sole feature film role to date was as "Poolside Cocktail Waitress" in My 5 Wives. Which hardly inspires confidence. Meanwhile German veteran Jurgen Prochnow continues his career's downwards spiral, apparently playing a "crusty old sea captain". How's that for typecasting? On the bright side, the story was co-written by Free Enterprise scribes Mark A Altman and Dan Bates, so we do have some faint hope that it could still be worth watching. Certainly the synopsis on the movie's official website ("a band of college students go to a rave on a mysterious island and get more than they bargained for when they find themselves stalked by killer zombies and terrifying creatures intent on feasting on the flesh of the living") does suggest that it's being played for laughs. Or at least, we hope so... Related Feature - Dead Or Alive : The Movie

Source - Dark Horizons

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