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Nintendo hops on mobile bandwagon

Portable LCD screens get an official blessing, with an official peripheral

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Nintendo has leapt on the mobile monitor bandwagon this E3, showing off its own adjustable LCD display for the diminutive games console. The official mobile monitor - which lacks a proper name at the moment - is said to provide a crisp image with plenty of colour and no fragmentation or image blurring. Hopefully the eventual product will deal comfortably with the issues of power supply and functionality missed by others. Something portable should be, well, portable. As we've said again and again over the years, official peripherals always seem to work out better (with the Dreamcast and Xbox pads perhaps an exception to the rule), and consumers have a lot more faith in them. Expect this to fly off the shelves if it ever hits them, and if it's reasonably priced. Related Feature - Another LCD panel for a console

Source - GameSpot

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