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Another LCD panel for a console

Too small, too heavy, and requiring too much power

[A game show announcer writes] Hey kids! Do you like PlayStation 2? Now you can carry it around with you! Thanks to InterAct Accessories' amazing 5.6-inch portable LCD screen, you can play PS2 outdoors. Great for showing off your brick-shaped console and getting it wet! And we know that's what the ladies go for, right? Wahey! Mobile Monitor 5.6 was made exclusively for PlayStation 2, with custom fitted clips which fasten securely to the PS2's tough exterior. The backlit display fully exploits the graphical prowess of the game system, although it is not suitable for people who like to discern detail, and features speaker and headphone outputs along with an AC adapter, completely useless for people who actually want to take it outside! And although InterAct has released a Mobile Power adapter for up to 90 minutes of play, this only works with Mobile Monitor 5.4 and the Nintendo GameCube! So, if you want to take your PlayStation 2 out of the front room, to a place with two power sockets and no television, and you want to be completely unable to pick anything out on the screen (including but not limited to: menu text, menu buttons, facial expressions, HUD information, enemy positions, tactical details, background animations and much much more) then buy Mobile Monitor 5.6! A snip at $149.99! That's right! It's not even out in Europe! Get down to your local importer's car boot right now! Don't forget that step-down!

Source - press release