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Metal Slug bound for PSone

Get your old school SNK shooty fix here!

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Fans of the inimitable Metal Slug will be pleased to learn that Virgin is set to publish the 'unofficial' third instalment, Metal Slug X, on PSone this May.

Metal Slug is old school gaming at its purest, and apart from two forays onto the ill-fated Neo Geo Pocket Color, SNK's side-scrolling 2D shoot 'em up series has rarely bothered mainstream consoles. As recently reported, Japanese arcade goers are already playing Metal Slug 4, but the rest of the series was previously only available on the peculiar and elusive Neo Geo arcade-derived console. Until now.

Looking a bit like 16-bit classic Assault Suits Valken (Cybernator in the West), but with sharper animation and plenty of nostalgic shooty elements, Virgin's PSone conversion of Metal Slug X features four playable characters (differentiated purely by aesthetics, mind) and six sprawling levels, but the real fun to be had in Metal Slug comes from the various vehicles strewn around the game world. Airborne sections are not unknown, and tanks are the mainstay of many a level, not to mention anime-esque mobile suits.

PSone specific features include revamped levels, a McGuyver style Special Secret Mission and a Combat School mode.

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