Metal Slug 4

Metal Slug Collection for PSP

Six games on just one UMD.

It's been ten years since 2D shooter Metal Slug appeared in the arcades, and to celebrate SNK is set to release a new compilation for the PSP.

Metal Slug 4

Metal Slug 4

Pass the salt, please.

For the first twenty minutes, I loved Metal Slug 4 intensely. It's been long, too long, since I've played a game of such simplicity. There's no cut-scene-based preamble, no mood building: expect exposition no more elaborate than the brief looming of 'boss' before the battle ensues, or a thumbs-up from an ally at the end of a level.

From the moment your character's feet hit the ground in the first stage, Metal Slug 4 is relentless. Enemies attack from left, right and above, you instinctively duck, jump and change your position, and there's a metronomic quality to the hammering of your finger on the fire button.

It's pure, unadulterated, visceral; this is what gaming used to be like before better technology blurred the boundaries between it and cinema.

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