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Xbox : Dark Alliance

Interplay announces port of popular hackandslash

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Interplay has announced that PlayStation 2 hackandslash spectacular Baldur's Gate : Dark Alliance is coming to Xbox later this year. The game's unveiling appeared midway through the publisher's fourth quarter and annual operating results for 2001. The announcement came from Interplay's interim CEO and president Herve Caen. Recently released to critical acclaim, the game concerns the plight of the decadent town of Baldur's Gate and sees players taking up the mantel of a dwarven fighter, an elfish sorceress or a human archer in an unending fight through the depths of countless sewers, dungeons and other foul corners of the world, despatching along the way skeletons, weird D&D inspired blobs and other nefarious denizens of the underworld from the im/mortal coil. Related Feature - PS2 gets Black Isle treatment

Source - IGN

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