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Kung Fu Chaos hits Xbox


Microsoft and British developer Just Add Monsters have unveiled Kung Fu Chaos, an anarchic martial arts brawler which is due out on Xbox this fall. The game stars a variety of cartoonish characters, from Xui Tan Sour ("avenger of her father, brother, village and pet goldfish") to Chop & Styx (a samurai with a kid strapped to his back - Mad Max 3 meets New Legend Of Shaolin, perhaps?), with all the over-the-top fight choreography you would expect from a Hong Kong fantasy action movie. Meanwhile the first batch of screenshots from the game show that the settings for all of this martial arts mayhem will range from a dinosaur-infested swamp to the deck of the sinking Titanic. Other features include a "humiliation" system that enables you to taunt your opponent or build up the power of your blows with a series of fancy moves, and to cap it all the game's soundtrack includes 70's cheese-fest Kung Fu Fighting along with music from the classic Bruce Lee movie Enter The Dragon. Funky. Related Feature - Kung Fu Chaos screenshots

The Titanic, and not a Leonardo di Caprio in sight

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