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Square and Enix talking to Microsoft

The Xbox might not do so badly in Japan, you know...

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The more I think about it, the less I'm inclined to believe the Xbox will flop in Japan. The PlayStation 2 has been selling strongly there for over 18 months, and is only 1,500 yen cheaper. That's barely 13 Euros, or less than a tenner Sterling, so price is hardly a determinate. Indeed, when you factor in the HD and network connection, which are expensive extras for the PlayStation 2, the Xbox actually comes out cheaper! The Japanese launch line-up, and a burgeoning interest in online gaming could help Xbox set a new precedent in the Japanese market. It's very rare to see an American-made electronic device outselling its cheaper Japanese counterparts. There is talk already of major developers including Square and Enix talking to Microsoft. On ConsoleWire this morning, spokesmen for both companies said there was mutual interest. Whether Sony's 20% share of Squaresoft will come into play is another matter, but as far as the Japanese market is concerned, Square and Enix produce most of the best games between them. If Microsoft can secure a partnership with either, Xbox is guaranteed to do better than expected when it launches on February 22nd. Related Feature - Japanese Xbox launch unveiled

Source - ConsoleWire

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