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Japanese Xbox launch unveiled

Details of pricing and the launch line-up, and Bill Gates' special edition

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Microsoft has cemented its plans for the February 22nd launch of Xbox in Japan. Speaking at the company's 'Winter Conference 2002' in Tokyo on Friday, Microsoft's Japanese veepee Hirohisa Oura announced that the console would retail for 34,800 yen (£182) alongside 12 launch titles. By the end of March, there will be some 22 titles available. Oura-san also announced a Japan-only special edition Xbox, to be released in a small run of 50,000 units at Bill Gates' request. The limited edition console will feature transparent casing and come with a free keychain. Japanese punters wishing to purchase one of these units will have to pay 39,800 yen (£208). The 12 launch titles include success stories from the North American launch, such as Dead or Alive 3 and Project Gotham Racing. Also joining the fray are Silent Hill 2, Onimusha and Jet Set Radio Future. Halo is nowhere to be seen, which is probably a good thing. The Xbox will be the most expensive console on the Japanese market when it launches, and there is little confidence that it will be able to catch up with its Sony counterpart, or even Nintendo's GameCube. However it's impossible to say whether an American-made console will do well in Japan… with the exception of 3DO and possibly Atari's Jaguar, it's quite unprecedented. Related Feature - Xbox sets launch benchmark

Source - Core Magazine

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