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Microsoft to buy Take 2?

Business Week asks the question

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Business Week is reporting that Microsoft may attempt to buy out one of the Xbox's most popular third party developers; Take 2. Take 2 and its subsidiaries publish for a number of high profile developers including Angel Studios (Smuggler's Run 2), Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto III, State of Emergency) and GOD Games (which itself covers 3Drealms and a number of other companies, including Max Payne developer Remedy) to name a few. Buying out the gaming giant would surely strengthen the Xbox's 2002 line-up, something that many journalists have criticized. Redmond could also prevent high profile games reaching PlayStation 2 and GameCube. Take 2 is a compelling investment. Stock analysts rate Take 2 a buy, and its credentials are impeccable. However, whether Microsoft will make a move or not is hard to predict. Neither Take 2 or Microsoft were available for comment at the time of going to press. Related Feature - 2.4, children

Source - Business Week

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