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The Xbox has the highest attach rate of any console to date, The NPD Group reports

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The NPD Group - a definitive source of market and sales data in the video game industry, according to IGN - has shown that Xbox has the highest game attach rate of any system to date. This means that more games are being bought with the system than the other systems at this point. Chief Xbox Officer Robbie Bach says he "understands why Xbox is the most sought-after gift for the holiday", and why gamers are buying a record 2.4 games with every console. PS2 was selling 1.9 games per console after its first two weeks of sales, and the GameCube is also managing 1.9. With so much bickering over the current sales leader in the States, we're comfortable with the notion that both are selling well, which means a very interesting console market for the next couple of years. Related Feature - Production begins on European Xboxes

Source - iemag

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