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Production begins on European Xboxes

The facility in Hungary is already producing consoles

Microsoft has announced that Xbox production is up and running at Flextronics' European Xbox manufacturing facility in Hungary. European Xboxes are already rolling off the production line at what is apparently the first ever video game console factory located in Europe. The Xbox is due out in Europe on March 14th 2002, around the time Nintendo is rumoured to be launching GameCube. Nintendo have still to announce a firm date. "Today is the birth of Xbox in Europe" said an enthusiastic Sandy Duncan, veepee of Xbox Europe. Microsoft have once again decided not to release a launch allocation figure for the time being, but with production already up and running, hope to satisfy whatever demand there is for the console in a timely fashion. "Our ability to deliver substantial quantities on a weekly basis from day one and beyond will ensure that stock is adequate and that the launch is smooth," he added. The location of the plant brings significant employment to the region, which is a nice bonus.

Source - press release