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Codemasters boxing clever

Mike Tyson on way to next-gen consoles

Last week Codemasters released a list of next-generation console titles which it would be releasing on the Xbox, and amongst those was Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing. Today we have more information about what we can expect from the game, which is due out in April 2002 and expected to be released on PS2 as well as Xbox. Top of the list is a new "realistic facial damage graphics engine" which will allow you to beat your opponent's features into a suitably bloody pulp, along with a choice of first and third person viewpoints to get you into the thick of the action. Players will be able to create a stable of up to four boxers to fight it out in the ring, each with their own physical attributes, knock-out moves, taunts and even personal theme tunes. As you progress through the game's various championship you will unlock new opponents and earn new special moves by defeating them, eventually leading up to a battle with former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson himself. You will also be able to call Tyson out for a "friendly" (and we mean that in the loosest possible sense of the word) match to see how your fighter is sizing up. "My kids talked me into doing last year's PlayStation game and now they're getting into their new consoles and they want to see me on those too, so it's cool that Codemasters want to go on with the Tyson games", Mike Tyson is reported to have said. "The ideas for the new game sound awesome and it'll be good to see me going face to face in a heavyweight-specific game." Related Feature - Codemasters pledge Xbox support

Source - press release

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