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Codemasters pledge Xbox support

No shocks and no surprises

Codemasters has joined the list of publishers supporting the Xbox, announcing that several of its next-generation console games will be available on Microsoft's big black brick. They have also confirmed that they will be publishing the Xbox version of gory third person action game Severance, which was first announced by Spanish developers Rebel Act Studios several months ago. Titled Ultimate Blade of Darkness, it will feature enhanced graphics and animations, 3D positional audio, new and improved levels, and a two player split-screen mode allowing you and a friend to battle your way through the game side by side. So far Blade is the nearest thing Codemasters have to an Xbox-exclusive title, but Xbox versions of TOCA Race Driver, LMA Manager and Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing are all on the way as well. "With our Xbox titles we will provide a level of realism significantly higher than on any previous platform, through the refinement and level of detail in our graphics work to heightened audio, physics, damage modelling and frame rates", Development Director John Hemingway enthused. "The power of the Xbox that enables us to achieve this will make for some of the richest, most exhilarating and dynamic gaming experiences ever produced by Codemasters." Related Feature - Xbox severed

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