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Capcom clarify Evil

Mostly new Evil, but with some ported Evil straight up, too

In an unprecedented move last week, Capcom pledged allegiance to Nintendo by making its Biohazard series (Resident Evil outside of Japan) a Game Cube exclusive. Series creator Shinji Mikami stood at Shigeru Miyamoto's arm and announced that Resident Evil 0 and Resident Evil 4 would be Game Cube exclusives, the original Resident Evil game would be given a glorious visual makeover and released on the Cube, and that each of the other games in the series would be subsequently re-released as well. This week, he clarified the situation to the Japanese press. Apparently Resident Evil 0, Resident Evil 4 and the remake of the original will be the three that take full advantage of the Game Cube hardware. Although Capcom had initially hoped to revamp the whole back catalogue, Mikami said that it would be "impractical" to do so. As such, Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and Resident Evil: Code Veronica will be straight ports. Mikami also pointed out that the sooner these three are out and about, the sooner Resident Evil 4 is likely to reach completion. Related Feature - Gore Cube