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Prepare for 2GHz systems at CeBit

Vapochill strike with demonstration of their P4 @2GHz system

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Commercial overclocking specialists asetek are showing off their 2GHz "Vapochill" unit at CeBit this week. Powered by a P4 1.5GHz, the Vapochill uses special vapor phase cooling technologies, which, after massive R&D, are now proven to cool processors so that they can effectively run at higher speeds for longer. The system has been tested successfully by hardware guru Dr. Tom Pabst at Tom's Hardware. Although the system is not ready for launch yet, asetek claim it will be by the end of the month, which will mean that hardware buyers with cash burning a whole in their pockets can pick up 2GHz systems at last, approximately a year after the 1GHz machines first became available to the public. How's that for speed growth then? We reported last week a chap in Japan who had reached the 2GHz mark using some seriously messed up liquid nitrogen cooling system. Vapochill are not expected to go quite that far. Related Feature - Pentium 4 2GHz overclocking drama

Source - press release

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