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Baldur's March

Collector's Pack, DVD edition and Icewind Dale add-on now all due in March

Originally intended to go on shelves this week to tie in with the cinematic release of the hilariously bad Dungeons & Dragons movie here in the UK, European publisher Virgin has announced that the "Baldur's Gate II Premium Pack" will now be out on March 16th instead, along with the long-awaited DVD version of the game and Icewind Dale add-on "Heart of Winter" (not to be mistaken for "Winter's Heart", the latest hefty tome in the Wheel of Time saga).

March looks set to be a busy month for Virgin, with the long overdue "Worms World Party" now chalked up for a March 16th release as well, while "European Super League" is expected to follow on March 23rd, and the amusingly titled "Daily Sport Football Strip" on March 30th. Other forthcoming releases include "Original War" on April 4th (we'll believe it when we see it), "Fallout Tactics" some time in April, and both "Stunt GP" and "Art of Magic" during May. For all the latest UK release information, check our comprehensive UK release date list.