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Mobile insertion and porn drivers - what is the world coming to? Ahem

The Register (who else?) is reporting on a young lady in Taiwan who has had to have a mobile phone surgically removed from her back passage after a kinky sex game went awry. Although this isn't exactly the sort of news we're used to reporting, the associated X-ray scan (which we somehow doubt is genuine) is hilarious. You can read more of the, er, "report" here. Not available via SMS. What's slightly more disturbing is that there are genuine reports flooding in that the ASUS 7100 graphics card (a 32Mb GeForce II MX if we know our product numbering) is being distributed with a supposed driver disc that actually contains a pornographic movie in .dat form, called "RAW". The one hour blockbuster (we were bound to use that one) is causing quite a stir in hardware circles, presumably as all the "unfortunate" customers quickly create a backup before returning the disgusting filth. Apparently the movie is appearing in ASUS motherboard boxes as well. While this sort of rampant customer baiting isn't normally heard of in hardware circles, it makes a refreshing change to juvenile tiffs between retailers, we think. Related Feature - Gamers are sad - official

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